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2 1710­1850.............................................................................................................................. 3 Population and social structure...

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TartuWaldorf School FINLAND Report Johan Mähar Tartu 2008 Contents...

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Estonia topic

It ended the first Polish-Swedish war. German nobles--the Baltic barons--kept their sway over the Estonian peasantry until the eve of the 1917 Russian Revolution. Industrialization proceeded during the 19th century. The republic became heavily interlaced with railroads, and the port of Tallinn grew in importance. Russification took place and it caused rebellion and considerable emigration mostly to the United States and Canada. The Twentieth Century Estonian proclamation of independence in February 1918 was followed shortly by German occupation. After Germany surrendered to the Allies in November 1918, Estonia declared itself an independent democratic republic and repulsed the invading Red Army. In 1920, by the Pe...

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Estonian Independence Day

This is the day that the Manifesto was declared in Tallinn 91 years ago. In responce to a period of Russification initiated by the Russian empire in the 1890's, Estonian nationalism took on more political tones, with intellectuals first calling for greater autonomy, and later, complete independence from the Russian empire. Following the Bolshevik takeover of power in Russia after the October Revolution of 1917 and German victories against the Russian army, between the Russian Red Army's retreat and the arrival of advancing German troops, t...

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During the Great Northern War the Swedish troops based in Tallinn capitulated to Imperial Russia in 1710, but the local self-government institutions retained their cultural and economical autonomy within Imperial Russia as the Duchy of Estonia. The Magistracy of Reval was abolished in 1889. The 19th century brought industrialization of the city and the port kept its importance. During the last decades of the century Russification measures became stronger. February 1918, the Independence Manifesto was proclaimed in Tallinn, followed by Imperial German occupation and a war of independence with Russia. On 2 February 1920, the Tartu Peace Treaty was signed with...

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Tallinn Old Town

The late Russian patriarch, Alexis II, started his priestly ministry in the church. Interior of the Cathedral. The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral crowns the hill of Toompea where the Estonian folk hero Kalevipoeg is said to have been buried according to a legend. (There are many such legendary burial places of him in Estonia.) The cathedral was built during the period of late 19th century Russification and was so disliked by many Estonians as a symbol of oppression that the Estonian authorities scheduled the cathedral for demolition in 1924, but the decision was never implemented due to lack of funds and the building's massive construction. As the USSR was officially non-religious, many churches including this cathedral were left to decline. The church has been meticulously restored since Estonia regained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiAlexander_Nevsky_Cathedral,_T...

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Vambola. These were romantically inspired scenes from the heroic and desperate struggle against the German knightly orders in the 13th and 14th centuries. Under the harsh conditions of the Russification programme initiated in the 1880s such books stimulated the national spirit and willpower to resist all alien oppression. The poetess and playwright Lydia Koidula (1843-1886, daughter of Johann Voldemar Jannsen) played an exceptionally important role in the two decades before her death; her poetic talent emotionally and inspirationally expressed the national spirit, glorifying her homeland and its people. Koidula’s song, Mu I...

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(There have been German and Soviet flags). Today the estonian flag is hoisted every day at sunrise and lowered at the sunset, except at midsummer when it’s not lowered at all on the night of June 23. Nevsky Cathedral ● It’s the largest and grandest orthodox catherdral in Talinn. It was finished 1900, when Estonia was part of the Russian Empire. It was a time of russification . It’s architecturally absolutely different from everything else at Toompea, it’s also disliked by many Estonians as a symbol of oppression and the russian power, but it has never been actually taken down. The legend says it’s the very grave of Kalev, estonian’s national hero. Stenbock House ● It’s the official seat of Government and the Government office of Estonia since 2000. One of the most remarkable...

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It’s commonly recognised that whoever’s flag flies on top of this tower is the ruler of Estonia. Toompea as a tourist attraction Alexander Nevsky Cathedral - largest and grandest orthodox cathedral crowning the hill of Toompea. It was finished in 1900, when the country was a part of the Russian empire. Time of russification, many estonians against it. Dedicated to the prince of novgorod, alexander nevsky who won the battle of ice. Due to the lack of funds and the building’s massive construction, it was never demolished. Kohtuotsa viewing platform - gives great view to the both parts of the city. blabla Estonian Knighthood House - The German nobles in Estonia were united in the Estonian Knighthood. The Estonian Knighthood House was the building wher...

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