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inglise keel on ametlik keel (kuid mitte kõige rohkem räägitav keel) veel Botswanas, Kameronis, Eritreas, Fijil, Gambias, Ghanas, Indias, Keenias, Kiribatil, Leshotos, Liberias, Malavil, Marshalli saartel, Mauritiusel, Mikroneesias, Namiibias, Naurus, Niuel, Pakistan, Palaul, Paapua-Uus Guineas, Filipiinidel. Tema lähimad suguluskeeled on šoti keel ja Põhja-Hollandis räägitav friisi keel. On keeleteadlaseid, kes ei pea šoti keelt eraldi keeleks, vaid inglise keele murdeks.

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FAO landing statistics refer to about 2 500 species or group of species most of which are finfish. By far the most numerous fish species, and those most important to aquaculture and fisheries, are teleosts, or bony fish, which in the sea extend from small "grazing" species such as anchovy to large active predatory fish such as tuna. A si...

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Kirja vormistamise põhimõttel inglise keelne kiri.

MAFF Triin Engmann Whitehall palace 8 Mullbery Crescent London SW2 Hayes Middlesex UB4 OQA 26.02.2010 Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to draw your attention...

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Straight road to Kylie

Books starts with Jonathan best friend Joanna's bd party. At this party Jonathan makes a huge mistake when he sleeps with his friend Alexandra. Rumors are going to spread and one of the most popular and rich girl Laura wants to make a deal with Jonathan. She wants to be Jonathans girlfriend. In return she goes with Jonathan to London, at the Kylie Minogue concert. Jonathan agrees with deal, b...

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Shopping has become a favourite past time among young people

Shopping has become a favourite past time among young people I think that the fact is that shopping has become one of the most favourite past times among young people, because nowadays in the cities are shopping centres. Opponents of this view say, that the main reason why it is gone this way is that fashion is getting popular among adolescents. Many people are in favour of clothes and accessories what are followed by the latest trend. Moreover, our...

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Nordic countries

Kingdom of Sweden Capital ­ Stockholm Language ­ Sweden Size ­ 449,964 square kilometers Population ­ 9 million National emblem ­ three corwns Flag ­ blue, yellow Scandinavian cross Symbols ­ blackbird, male European elk Famous for Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgr...

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Famous Scottish People

Famous Scottish People Sean Connery Sean one of the most famous actors in the world, mostly because of his role as James Bond from 1962 to 1983, he also has won academy awards for producing fils as well as 3 golden globes He was born in Edinghburg Scotland in August 30th 1930 Alexander Grahm Bell Born March 3rd 1847 Very famous engineer, scientist and inventor Became a master pianist with no formal trainig as a ch...

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1) · Monarch: a ruler of a state, such as a king or queen, who has a right to rule by birth, and does not have to be elected. · Monarchy: the system by which a state is ruled by a king or queen. Also a state ruled by a king or queen. Monarchy is the oldest form of government in the United Kingdom. · There are many monarchy contries like Canada , denmark , norway, Sweden, United kingdom, Thailand,...

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