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Alex had to write essay The most terrible Day of my summer .That topic was the perfekt title to cover his encounter whit a troop of monkey in India.He
hadn´t had a opputunity to share his adventure whit his mates ,it
was even more exciting to write it down
Alex write a trip to
India. He and his mother decided to visit Kanyakumari .They enjoyed views of the red clifts and the sea . Unfortunately they hadn´t vist Tay Mahal in northern India.
The vorst experience of visit India was very wild monkey how cute he
nouse , stole food,raid reacly bins and attacked peole. A 13- years old
Danya was attaced these wild anymals from garden whwn she tried to
scare away monkey .
All alex calssmates was shckded Molly was
interested in bit hat caused my monkey. Mike commented Moneys action like monkey took over coutrol
Mrs Glies wanted to know about
culture of india . She worked alex essay as exellent .
Alex trip to india #1
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