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"whistled" - 10 õppematerjali


An essay about football

In the end of each half the refree decides how many minutes to add to the game because of delays. Usually it is between 1 and 4 minutes. When the ball crosses the sideline, the ball is thrown back into play by a player and if the ball crosses the line behind the goal, it played in from a corner by the attacking team or by the goalkeeper from a smaller bow inbetween the 2 posts. A foul a foul is whistled by the refree when any player or couch deliberetly or acidentaly reaks any of the rules. The punishment is either loosing posession of the ball or a warning witch can be pooked with a fellow or red card. Red card means that the player has to leave the pitch and hes team will play with one player less. If a foul is made inside one's own goalkeeper(penalty)box, it means instantly a freekick from a certain distance and no players allow...

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The Inchcape Rock

"And the Blue Sky My Fretted Dome Shall Be"- Nature vs Society In the Works of British Romanticists Research paper Liisi Pajula 11 b...

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Time travel

Your Name Dear Diary, The most amazing thing just happened to me. The Time Machine which I never thought will work, just brought me back from my travel to 1975. I've always imagined what the 70's would have looked like and I've even dreamed of living in that time. And now I finally got to see and feel it. I wa...

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Some theories of Literature

Poetics Aristotle (384322B.C.): A form is presented in a substance not natural to it: Michelangelo imitates Moses in stone Shakespeare imitated Caesar in an actor's words and gestures Although no one whistled at Waterloo, one might whistle waterloo. THE IMITATIVE THEORY The imitative instinct is not the artist's private possession A boy can play cops. This natural tendency to imitate is combined, Aristotle says, with a tendency toward rhythm or pattern, and the result can be a work of art. In its simplest form the imitative theory appeals to the naive " How lifelike that wax apple is!" "How like a French...

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Topics, step 8, kokkuvõtted mõnedest peatükkidest

One spring morning in 1621, an Indian came into the little village of Plymouth and introduced himself in friendly way. The Indians taught the pilgrims how to hunt, fish, and grow food. Because of this help from Indians, the pilgrims had a good harvest that year. Governor William Bradford invited the Indians to a feast. It lasted three days. They ate, danced, sang, ran races, whistled . This was called thanksgiving day. On October 3, 1863 Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national thanksgiving. Many of the traditions of the modern American thanksgiving come from that first thanksgiving celebration more than 300 years ago. People eat squash, corn, turkey, Indian pudding and pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving is a four-day holiday. Schools are closed on thanksgiving, and grownups don't work. People spend the holiday among family. 5) MICHAEL FARADAY...

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Videvik(kogu raamat Inglise keeles)

It will work out, somehow," she said, though her forehead creased with worry. Another peal of thunder began. Esme stopped then; apparently, we'd reached the edge of the field. It looked as if they had formed teams. Edward was far out in left field, Carlisle stood between the first and second bases, and Alice held the ball, positioned on the spot that must be the pitcher's mound. Emmett was swinging an aluminum bat; it whistled almost untraceably through the air. I waited for him to approach home plate, but then I realized, as he took his stance, that he was already there -- farther from the pitcher's mound than I would have thought possible. Jasper stood several feet behind him, catching for the other team. Of course, none of them had gloves. "All right," Esme called in a clear voice, which I knew even Edward would hear, as far out as he was. "Batter up." Alice stood s...

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Puppies for sale

1. What did the farmer do when he needed to sell the puppies? He painted a sign advertising the puppies 2. What were the little boy's first words to the farmer? Mister," he said, "I want to buy one of your puppies." 3. Why did the puppies cost a good deal of money? these puppies come from fine parents 4. How much did the little boy have? 39 cents 5. How did the farmer call the dog? He whistled and called his name. 6. What was the name of the mother of the puppies? Dolly 7. How many puppies came out of the doghouse at first? Four 8. Why was the last puppy, who came out of the house different? He was noticeably smaller. He was a runt. 9. Why didn't the farmer recommend the last puppy for the boy? He will never be able to run and play with you like these other dogs would. 10. Why did the little boy want the smallest puppy? T...

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Dey Bared to You RuLit Net

He was wearing jeans that showcased his mile-long legs and an oversized sweater in soft green that emphasized his eyes. He easily drew the attention of everyone in the lobby. I slowed as I approached him and the sex god passed us, moving through the revolving door and sliding fluidly into the back of the chauffeured black Bentley SUV I'd seen at the curb the evening before. Cary whistled as the car pulled away. "Well, well. From the way you were looking at him, that was the guy you told me about, right?" "Oh, yeah. That was definitely him." "You work together?" Linking arms with me, Cary tugged me out to the street through the stationary door. "No." I stopped on the sidewalk to change into my walking flats, leaning into him as pedestrians flowed around us. "I don't know who he is, but he asked me if I...

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Forward as urgent intelligence. This open code related the winds to the compass points in which the named countries stood in regard to Japan: the U.S. to the east, Russia to the north, England to the west. Tokyo also set up an almost similar code for use in the general intelligence (not news) broadcasts. As the secret messages establishing these open codes whistled through the air, Navy intercept Station S at Bainbridge Island heard and nabbed them. The station teletyped them to GY, which identified them as J19 and began cryptanalysis. Many of the ships of the Pearl Harbor strike force had by then gathered in bleak Tankan Bay, where the only signs of human presence were a small concrete pier, a wireless shack, and three fishermen's huts. Snow covered the surrounding hills. In the gray twilight of...

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Film review Titanic

They are trying to be together although it is not allowed because Rose is from the good family and Jack is just a poor boy. Rose’s husband was very angry and wanted to kill Jack. But in the other half of the movie,something different happens.The ship hits an iceberg. Husband complicated the escaping from the ship. Ship sank. Jack and Rose were in icecold water, Rose survived, because she found a whistle and whistled to a rescuer. Jack died in ice cold water and till the end he hold her hand. I have never liked other movies so much. This movie is the best on my list. „Titanic” is a movie which is perfect in every aspect. Acting is perfect and music fits together well. I like it very much and I will watch this movie again with a big pleasure. In my opinion, „Titanic” is a film what goes to the heart. It captures the soul.I would certainly r...

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