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The Giant Eland

The tail is long, and ends with a dark tuft of hair. Both sexes have tightly spiralled horns, which are relatively straight. In males the horns form a wide "V" and can grow to 120 cm (4 ft) in length, slightly longer than on females. Ontogeny and Reproduction Gestation Period: 9 months Young per Birth: 1 Weaning: After 6 months. Sexual Maturity: Females at 15-36 months, males at 4-5 years. Life span: Up to 25 years. Primarily nocturnal, Giant Elands are highly nomadic, with large home ranges and seasonal migration patterns. During the day, herds often rest in sheltered areas. A gregarious species, Giant Eland herds usually consist of twenty or more animals and do not disband during the wet season, suggesting that social rather than ecological fact...

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Dey Bared to You RuLit Net

Moving back to the dresser, he pulled open his drawers and grabbed clothes for himself. Standing, I began to dress. "Listen..." He pulled a pair of low-slung jeans on. "Yes?" "I feel tons better now that I know the score, but Corinne is still going to be a problem for me." I paused with my shirt in my hands. "You wanna nip her hopes in the bud real quick. Stow the guilt, Gideon, and start weaning her off." He sat on the edge of the bed to pull on his socks. "She's a friend, Eva, and she's in a rough spot. It's a cruel time to cut her off." "Think carefully, Gideon. I have exes in my past, too. You're setting the precedent now for how I'll handle them. I'm taking my cues from you." He stood with a scowl. "You're threatening me." "I prefer to see it as coercion. Relationships work both ways. You're not her only...

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Kittens are born with blue eyes. The adult eye colour develops around 6-7 weeks old, but may not reach its adult hue until 3-4 months old. During a cats' lifetime, illness and injury can cause variations in eye colour, but there is no truth in the old wives' tale that feeding a cat on fish will cause its eyes to change colour! That tale is due to old wives weaning kittens (probably onto boiled fish in the days before commercial cat foods) around the time the eye colour naturally changed. There is also some pigmentation on the inside of the eye and a highly reflective area behind the retina called the Tapetum Lucidum. This is an iridescent layer of tissue that reflects light back through the eye. and helps cats see in low light - it also causes eye shine in flash photos. Most blue-eyed white cats l...

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Infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis 2019

If both eyes are damaged, then the animal may be hesitant to move. At this stage there may also develop corneal ulceration (Brown et al., 1998). The cattle lose some weight because the decreased appetite and ocular discomfort or visual disturbance that results in inability to locate food. Calves with IBK lesions have decreased weaning weight by 15–30 lb compared with unaffected calves (Cullen et al., 2016). Recovery is different and individual variation occurs. Some stronger cattle recover spontaneously from the disease, leaving a scar, while in others the disease becomes chronic (Postma et al., 2007). Prevention and transmission. IBK caused by Moraxella bovis depends on both host and environmental factors. These bacteria are very resistant, so bacteria can remain...

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NANDA õendusdiagnoosid 2012-2014 e-raamat

dedeȱterviklikkusȱ ƒ Tissueȱperfusionȱ kudedeȱverevarustusȱȱ ƒ Transferȱabilityȱ liikuvusȱeriȱtasapindadeȱvahelȱȱ ƒ Traumaȱ traumaȱ ƒ Unilateralȱneglectȱ üheȱkehapooleȱeiramineȱ ƒ Urinaryȱeliminationȱ põietühjendusȱ ƒ Urinaryȱretentionȱ kusepeetusȱ ƒ Ventilatoryȱweaningȱresponseȱ hingamisaparaadistȱvõõrutamineȱ ƒ Verbalȱcommuncationȱ verbaalneȱsuhtlemineȱ ƒ Walkingȱ kõndimineȱ ƒ Wanderingȱ ekslemineȱ Telg 2: diagnoosi subjekt Diagnoosiȱsubjektiksȱ onȱisikȱ võiȱisikud,ȱ kelleleȱ diagnoosȱ pannakse,ȱ stȱ üksikisik,ȱ perekond,ȱgruppȱvõiȱelanikkond.ȱ ȱ ƒ Üksikisikȱ–ȱinimene,ȱkedaȱeristatakseȱgrupist,ȱisi...

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