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The most important thing for a happy life (5)


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The most important thing for a happy life

There are a lot of things that are needed for a happy life. Some
people think the most important thing is money , some people think it
is good health.
In my opinion, the most important thing for a happy life is a little bit of everything. I do not think it is just money or family or an
important job that will make my life happy.
However, I do not think i have to have it all – just a little bit
of everything which means a close family, money, good health and a
good job.
Despite that, I do not think to it is always possible to have it
all. There is always something that keeps people from being happy.
Some people are not happy even if they have everything – they will still find something to complain about.
Consequently, I believe it does not matter to some people if they
have a good job and a lot of money – they will still find a reason
for being unhappy.
The most important thing for a happy life #1
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ccc_tracy_fm_i-xviii.qxd 7/7/03 3:22 PM Page iii CHANGE YOUR THINKING, CHANGE YOUR LIFE How to Unlock Your Full Potential for Success and Achievement B R I A N T R AC Y JOHN WILEY & SONS, INC. ccc_tracy_fm_i-xviii.qxd 7/7/03 3:22 PM Page i CHANGE YOUR THINKING, CHANGE YOUR LIFE ccc_tracy_fm_i-xviii.qxd 7/7/03 3:22 PM Page ii ccc_tracy_fm_i-xviii.qxd 7/7/03 3:22 PM Page iii CHANGE YOUR THINKING, CHANGE YOUR LIFE How to Unlock Your Full Potential for Success and Achievement B R I A N T R AC Y JOHN WILEY & SONS, INC. ccc_tracy_fm_i-xviii.qxd 7/7/03 3:22 PM Page iv Copyright © 2003 by Brian Tracy

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Happiness Happiness is a word and emotion that every human understands differently. All depends on a person's character and personality. Of course there are few people who just "go with the flow" and do not worry about everything. They just enjoy life itself and try to inspire those who are too consistent. If the humanity would take some time and think about the idiotic things they whine about they would realize that they are way too overrating and that life is too short for it. Money is definitely one of the most vital sources of happiness. Also in this subject the lack of it which brings the unhappiness all over the world. We cannot deny the importance of it but we must value what we have and not cry over the things we do not. Some of us are rich and wealthy, some of us are not. Usually it is so that people who cannot afford everything and who have suffered more in life are living in reality with both feet on the ground

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Money in our everyday life Money plays a quite important role in our everyday life First of all, nowadays mostly everything circles around money and how much people can afford things. Secondly, every adult has to work so they could get the paycheck at the end of the month they need to pay the bills, buy food and to pay for any other expences. On the other hand, money is not the only thing in the world and money does not give you everything. You can't buy a family and friends. In conclusion, even if people work every day in order to pay for their expences, money is not the only thing in the world that makes people happy and satisfied with their life Advertising on TV Advertising on TV is a very popular way that companies use to advertise their products. First of all, advertisements on TV are called commercials and to get air time on Tv is very expencive and not

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milko: huvitav, ma küll ei näe, et keegi kuskil väitnud oleks, et kaks lehekülge on. silmad lahti - 176 sõna ja 1/2 lehekülge ehk siis, 1,5; poolteist lehekülge, juhuks kui muidu arusaamatuks jääb :)
11:49 19-02-2011
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Karl Klein: kust kohast siin 2 lehekülge on?
22:51 14-11-2010
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indrek semm: Ikka väga lühike jutt.
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