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Customs and behaviour patterns in Finland

Tallinna Pedagoogiline Seminar Noorsootöö osakond Intercultural communication: Customs and behaviour patterns in Finland Andra Pant, NT 12 Tallinn 2011 Punctuality is very important to the Finns. Never be late for meetings, as this is considered very impolite in Finland. Be on time! Do not raise your voice when you talk to Finns, especially not in public! Speaking in a loud voice is considered rude, as Finns themselves are quiet. Remember to look Finns in the eye. Looking down or to the side is a sign of dishonesty in Finland....

Intercultural communication - Tallinna Pedagoogiline Seminar
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Getting physical

Tallinn´s University Pedagogical College Department of Youth Work and Continuing Education Andra Pant NT-32 GETTING PHYSICAL Tallinn 2012 "Delivery is more important than content." ­Arch Lustberg, speech trainer According to wellknown social anthropologist Edward T. Hall, 60% of our communication is nonverbal. That means whenever we stand before an audience, our stance, our posture, our facial expressions, our hand gestures, our whole body dynamic communicate more than our actual spoken words. A stiff, immobile speaker is often a boring and usually ineffective speaker as. It is theref...

Intercultural communication - Tallinna Pedagoogiline Seminar
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