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Mid-term 1 in English Phonetics and Phonology

Mid-term 1. Terminology. Testi tuleb kindlasti see tabel! Nasal, Bilabial: m Nasal, Alveolar: n Nasal Velar: Plosive, Bilabial: p; b Plosive, Alveolar: t; d Plosive, Velar: k; Affricate, Post-Alveolar: t; d Fricative, Labio-dental: f; v Fricative, Dental: ; Fricative, Alveolar: s; z Fricative, Post-Alveolar: ; Fricative, Velar: x Fricative, Glottal: h Approximant, Al...

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English Phonetics and Phonology. Mid-term2

Mid-term 2. Syllable - is a phonological unit consisting of one or more phonemes. In phonetics ­ a syllable is a unit which consists of a centre, that has little or no obstruction to airflow; it is comparatively louder than other sounds. In phonology ­ syllables are the possible combinations of phonemes. The syllable consists of - onset, nucleus, coda. (every syllable has a nucleus: vow...

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Phonetics Glossary Homework

This may differ in various respects from the forms to be expected in connected speech, sometimes referred to as phonotypical forms. Wells, J.C. 1999. Phonetic transcription and analysis. Available at, accessed January 19, 2016. Lyons, John. 1981. Language and Linguistics. Available at, accessed January 19, 2016 World Heritage Encyclopedia & Project Gutenberg. 2016. Lemma (Morphology). Available at http:self.gutenberg.orgarticleslemma_(morphology), accessed January 19, 2016. DIPHTHONGS Origin: Late Middle English: from French diphtongue, v...

Inglise keele foneetika ja... - Tallinna Ülikool
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Energy - põhjalik referaat energiast

One of the most significant events, possibly the very most significant event, of the 19th century was Maxwell's discovery of the four laws of electrodynamics ("Maxwell's Equations"). This led to electric power, radios, and television. 1763-1774 Pumping water from coal mines was a most difficult and expensive problem. The steam engine developed by James Watt during these years provided the solution. Watt's steam engine remained basically unchanged for the next century and its uses expanded to change the whole nature of industry and transportation. 1885-1950 Coal was the most important fuel. One half ton of coal produced as much energy as 2 tons of wood and at half the cost. But it was hard to stay clean in houses heated with coal. Late 1860's The steel industry gave coal a big boost. 19...

Inglise keele foneetika ja... - Tallinna Ülikool
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