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"horsetail" - 4 õppematerjali



Loopealsed 2. Nõmmemetsad 3. Palumetsad 4. Laanemetsad 5. Salumetsad 6. Soovikumetsad 7. Rabastuvad metsad 8. Rohusoometsad 9. Samblasoometsad 10. Kõdusoometsad ALVAR FORESTS ­LOOPEALSED METSAD This groupof types includes forests of low productivity and with a peculiar xeromesophilous ground vegetation, which grow on a layer of limestone, gr...

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The elements of Japanese Garden

It is found in many forms. It accumulates in the ponds, runs in the streams or tumbles in the cascades. It contributes to the expression of nature and symbolizes renewal, calm, wonder and continuity in the hereafter. Stones. They are laid out in accordance with strict rules, depending on their shapes and sizes; they often are twinned by pairs. The type of sto...

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Meanwhile the power that finally led to the creation of the Mongol Empire arose in Asia. Many of the Mongol standards displayed a device, a `flaming trident', reproducing the blades of a trident with flames surrounding them. The flag of the Khan himself consisted of nine yak-tails hanging from a rack of crossbars. After the conquest of China lateral flags were used, still with the horsetail and the flaming trident. The use of flags by the forces of Genghis Khan (ca 1155-1227) was significant for the development of a world-wide flag tradition in that a special flag, actually called `banner', came to be connected with each regiment. It reads: "White are our deeds, black our fields of battle; our pastures are green, but our swords are red with the blood of the enemy ". A banner refers to a cloth stretched between two anchor point...

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PUNASE RAAMATU SOONTAIMED Referaat Sisukord Sissejuhatus 3 Teadusartiklid 4 Kokkuvõte 10 Kasutatud kirjandus 11 2 Sissejuhatus Viimase, 2008. aasta Punase Raamatu soontaimede osa koostamisel võeti aluseks Toomas Kuke koostatud Eesti soontaimede täielik nimestik (Kukk, 1999). Toomas Kuke andmetel leidub Eesti pärismai...

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