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"hooves" - 8 õppematerjali



In addition to this cattle and horses are implicated in the spread of the seeds of weed species such as Prickly Acacia and Stylo. These alterations in savanna species composition brought about by grazing can alter ecosystem function, and are exacerbated by overgrazing and poor land management practices. Introduced grazing animals can also affect soil condition through physical compaction and break-up of the soil caused by the hooves of animals and through the erosion effects caused by the removal of protective plant cover. Such effects are most likely to occur on land subjected to repeated and heavy grazing. The effects of overstocking are often worst on soils of low fertility and in low rainfall areas below 500 mm, as most soil nutrients in these areas tend to be concentrated in the surface so any movement of soil can lead to severe degradation. Alteration in soil str...

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The Giant Eland

The smooth coat is reddish- brown to chestnut, usually darker in males than females, with several well-defined vertical white stripes on the torso. A crest of short black hair extends down the neck to the middle of the back, and is especially prominent on the shoulders. The slender legs are slightly lighter on their inner surfaces, with black and white markings just above the hooves . There are large black spots on the upper forelegs. The bridge of the nose is charcoal black, and there is a thin, indistinct tan-coloured chevron between the eyes. The lips are white, along with several dots along the jaw-line. A pendulous dewlap, larger in males then females, originates from between the jowls and hangs to the upper chest, with a fringe of hair on its edge. The tail is long, and ends with a dark tuft of hair. Both sexes have tightly spi...

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English Grammar Book 1

Singular Plural s dwarf dwarfs or dwarves f hoof hoofs or hooves ves scarf scarfs or scarves With some words that end in -fe, you change f to v, and add -s. Singular Plural f knife knives life lives v e s wife wives you kn...

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Uurimustöö: Viljandi folgi areng läbi aegade

Viljandi pärimusmuusika festivali areng läbi aegade Uurimustöö Õpilane: Klass: Juhendaja: Tallinn 2010 Sisukord Sissejuhat...

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Tundra loomad

These North American reindeer became known as caribou. Although they are called by different names, they are both considered to be a single species. Unlike deer, both the male and female have antlers. The antlers of the male are long, branched and massive, and they are a little flattened at the ends. The antlers of the female are much shorter, simpler and more slender and irregular. Their large, spreading hooves support the animal in snow in the winter and marshy tundra in the summer. Reindeer are also great swimmers and use their feet as paddles. They can also lower their metabolic rate and go into a semi-hibernation when conditions get very harsh. When it looks like there is nothing to eat on the winter tundra, reindeer will scrape the snow away with their wide feet or antlers and eat lichens, dried sedges and small shrubs. In the...

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Kontrolltöö 7. klassile (ILE 5) Unit 18

1 Haruldased loomad on kaitse all. Rare animals are under protection. 2 Jääaeg on populaarne film. Ice age is a popular movie. 3 Rebasejaht on kõrgklassi ajaviide. Fox Hunting is an upper-class pastime. 4 Ma pean iga päev klaverimängu harjutama. I have to practise playing the piano every day. 5 Mitu sportlast sellel võistlusel osales? How m...

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Premium B2 - Unit 9 vocabulary

global warming (n) ­ an increase in the earth's average temperature 2. flood (n) ­ overflowing of water 3. hurricane (n) ­ violent storm 4. cliff (n) ­ a high steep face of a mountain 5. ozone layer (n) ­ part of the atmosphere that limits the sun's incoming radiation levels 6. stream (n) small river 7. volcano (n) ­ a mountain 8. in danger of extincti...

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Filmikunsti ajalugu

01.12 The age of pioneers: the early history of film How the horses helped to ivent the cinema. Cinema was invented by accident. 1872, west coast: leland standford, party, rich people, end of the 19 century, bored. Stanfrod talks friends about horses: problem: question is, what happens with the hooves while its moving, running. Bet, with eyes, can't settle this. Cannot ever see if the hooves touch the ground. Stanford has enough money, hires most famous photographer. Eadwerd muybridge, comes to usa. Tells him to settle this with photography. That time with photography you cannot get any informatio either. Started to install boxes, in each box, there was a camera. Does the hooves touch the ground or not? Fast shutter, can freeze the moment...

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