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Otsingule "anticlimax" leiti 6 faili

anticlimax – creates a comic, satiric effect by arranging sentence in such a way that the aroused expectations are disappointed.

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Chiasmus Blank verse Couplet r. Anaphora Limerick Cross r. Epiphora Accented verse Frame r. Climax Monometer Lexical SD Anticlimax Dimeter Metaphor: Suspense Trimeter Trite Rhetorical q. Pentameter Genuine Exclamation Hexameter Sustained Graphical Means, SD Heptameter Metonymy Under overstopping Octometer Synecdoche...

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Lexical and syntactic stylistic devices

LEXICAL STYLISTIC DEVICES Based on: interaction of lexical and interaction of denotational interaction of primary circumlocution other cases contextual mea...

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STYLE The term "style" is polysemantic (has many meanings): a Latin word "stilus" originally meant a writing instrument used by ancient people. Already in classical Latin the meaning was extended to denote the manner of expressing one's ideas in written or oral form. Jonathan Swift defined style as "proper words in proper places". In present day English the word "style" is used in about a...

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1 SYNTACTIC STYLISTIC DEVICES SYNTACTIC STYLISTIC DEVICES are based on a peculiar place of the word or phrase in the utterance (text, sentence, etc).This special place creates emphasis irrespective of the lexical meaning of the words used. Categories: syntactic stylistic devises ba...

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Style, stylistics, a survey of stylistic studies The term ,,style" is polysemantic. Latin ,,stilus"--a writing instrument used by the ancients for writing on waxed tablets. Soon, the meaning was extended to denote the manner of expressing one's ideas in written or oral form. Jonathan Swift said: ,, Style is proper words in proper places"...

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The San Francisco proceeding witnessed one of the most dramatic scenes ever to occur in an American courtroom when one defendant rose, fired two shots from a revolver to assassinate a compatriot who was testifying for the government, and was himself killed by a marshal shooting over the heads of the crowd. In an anticlimax , a jury later found most of the defendants guilty. A few months after these Hindu solutions, the British submitted five short messages to Riverbank for tests. They had been enciphered by a cipher device invented by J. St. Vincent Pletts of M.I. l(b), the British War Office cryptanalytic bureau. The machine, to serve in the field, shifted its cipher alphabet irregularly by means of gears. So highly did the British regard it that one argumen...

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