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Topic - Canada

Fishing, shipping and farming are important activities in this area. The region has many small coastal communities, although there are also major industrial centers such as Halifax and Sydney in Nova Scotia. There are the Appalachian Mountains in this region but they are not at all like the grand, rugged mountains of the Pacific Region. The Appalachians are old, rounded mountains. Valleys in the region, such as the Annapolis Valley are important farming areas producing fruit, vegetables and dairy products. The Atlantic Provinces are also called the "Orchard" of Canada. Canada's North includes the Yukon Territory and the Northwest Territories, along with all Canada's Arctic Islands. This region is quite remote since most of Canada's population lives in the south. However, the North is home to over 85 000 people, many of them indigenous people and to a grea...

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Rythm and blues

aastatel USA-s dzässist, bluusist ja gospelist. Algselt esitasid seda afroameeriklased. Rhythm and blues'ist on välja arenenud rock'n'roll, soul, funk ja reggae. Selle termini arendas välja Jerry Wxler ajal, mil ta toimetas Billboard Magazine'i edetabeleid Ühendriikides. Tunnustatuim esindaja on Louis Jordan, kes alu...

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Student World Atlas (Maailma atlas)

Louisiana 4,468,976 22nd Baton Rouge New Orleans LA. LA Pelican State Maine 1,274,923 40th Augusta Portland (none) ME Pine Tree State Old Li ne State, Maryland 5,296,486 19th Annapolis Baltimore MD . MD Free State BayState, Massachusetts 6,349,097 13th Boston Boston MASS. MA Old Colony...

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Report Of Canada

Once thought to contain a virtually inexhaustible supply of fish, the Banks are now considered a vulnerable resource that must be wisely managed. The Atlantic provinces are an extension of the Appalachians, an ancient mountain range. Much of the region has low, rugged hills and plateaus, and a deeply indented coastline. Agriculture flourishes in the fertile valleys, such as the Saint John River Valley, New Brunswick, and the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. Prince Edward Island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence has a gently rolling landscape with a rich, red soil. This fertile island is Canada's smallest province, making up a mere 0.1 percent of Canada's land mass. The Arctic Lowlands - Innuitian Region North of the tree line is a land of harsh beauty. During the short summer, when daylight is nearly continuous and a profusion of flowers blooms on the tundra, the temperature...

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Sissejuhatus. Ameerika Ühendriigid (lühendatult USA ingliskeelsest nimest United States of America) on riik, mille põhiosa paikneb Põhja-Ameerika mandri keskosas ning piirneb idast Atlandi ookeani ning läänest Vaikse ookeaniga. Põhjas on Ühendriikidel maismaapiir Kanada ja lõunas Mehhikoga. Põhja-Ameerika mandri loodeosas asub Alaska osariik, millel on kagus maismaapiir Kanadaga ja loodes merepiir...

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Tallinn, general overview

04.2011 Tallinn's Old Town is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Tallinn is ranked as a global city and has been listed among the top 10 digital cities in the world. Tallinn is a European Capital of Culture for 2011, along with Turku, Finland. Location Tallinn is situated on the northern coast...

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Energy - põhjalik referaat energiast

Tidal barrages can change the tidal level in the basin and increase turbidity in the water. They can also affect navigation and recreation. Potentially the largest disadvantage of tidal power is the effect a tidal station can have on plants and animals in the estuaries. There are currently two commercial sized barrages in operations. One is located in La Rance, France; the other is in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada. The US has no tidal plants and only a few sites where tidal energy could be produced economically. France, England, Canada, and Russia have much more potential. 35 Picture 10.1. Tidal turbine Tidal fences can also harness the energy of tides. A tidal fence has vertical axis turbines mounted in a fence. All the water that passes...

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Presentatsioon Marylandist

MARYLAND Marleen Breemet KÜG 10B GENERAL FACTS Total area 32,133 km2 Population 5,884,563 Capital Annapolis Largest city Baltimore Origin of name: in honor of Henrietta Maria Nicknames:Old Line State, Free State, Little America, America in Miniature SYMBOLS Bird- Balt...

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The 20th division was the Office of Naval Communications, and the G section was the Communication Security Section. This carefully chosen name masked its cryptanalytic activities, though its duties did include U. S. Navy cryptography. Its chief was Commander Laurence F. Safford, 48, a tall, blond Annapolis graduate who was the Navy's chief expert in cryptology. In January, 1924, he had become the officer in charge of the newly created research desk in the Navy's Code and Signal Section. Here he founded the Navy's communication-intelligence organization. After sea duty from 1926 to 1929, he returned to cryptologic activities for three more years, when sea duty was again made necessary by the "Manchu" laws, which required officers of the Army...

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USA Osariigid

dets. 1816 (19) lühend: IN Iowa pealinn: Des Moines liige alates: 28. dets. 1846 (29) lühend: IA Kansas pealinn: Topeka liige alates: 29. jaan. 1861 (34) lühend: KS Kentucky pealinn: Frankfort liige alates: 01. juuni 1792 (15) lühend: KY Lousiana pealinn: Baton Rouge liige alates: 30. apr. 1812 (18) lühend: LA Maine pealinn: Augusta liige alates: 15. märts 1820 (23) lühend: ME Maryland pealinn: Annapolis liige alates: 28. apr. 1788 (7) lühend: MD Massachusetts pealinn: Boston liige alates: 06. veeb. 1788 (6) lühend: MA Michigan pealinn: Lansing liige alates: 26. jaan. 1837 (26) lühend: MI Minnesota pealinn: St. Paul liige alates: 11. mai 1858 (32) lühend: MN Mississippi pealinn: Jackson liige alates: 10. dets. 1817 (20) lühend: MS Missouri pealinn: Jefferson City liige alates: 10. aug. 1821 (24) lühend: MO Montana...

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