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Otsingule "angrier" leiti 4 faili


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2 Ajavormid ­ Tense vorms.......................................................................................................3 Lihtolevik ­ The present simple...

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"You know, I haven't forgiven you for the Tyler thing yet," I warned him. "It's your fault that he's deluded himself into thinking I'm going to prom with him." "Oh, he would have found a chance to ask you without me -- I just really wanted to watch your face," he chuckled, I would have been angrier if his laughter wasn't so fascinating. "If I'd asked you, would you have turned me down?" he asked, still laughing to himself. "Probably not," I admitted. "But I would have canceled later -- faked an illness or a sprained ankle." He was puzzled. "Why would you do that?" I shook my head sadly. "You've never seen me in Gym, I guess, but I would have thought you would understand." "Are you referring to the fact that you can't walk across a flat,...

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2 Ester Vergeer 5 My A levels were far more difficult 3 Eleanor Simmonds 4F Discussion page 35 than other exams I've taken. 3 1 b 2 d 3 c 4 c 5 a 6 b 1 1 a multi-storey car park 4 1 The later you are, the angrier 4 1 reveal 5 refusal 2 a pedestrianised street he'll be. 2 notch up 6 overhaul 3 a chain store 2 The sooner we start, the sooner 3 accommodate 7 irreparable 4 disabled access we can finish. 4 mollycoddle 8 shrewd 5 a cycle rack 3 The more tired she is, the...

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INGLISE KEEL Sisukord Sisukord 2 Ajavormid ­ Tense vorms 3 Lihtolevik ­ The present simple 3 Lihtminevik ­ The past simple 3 Lihttulevik ­ The future simple 3 Kestev olevik ­ The present continuous 3 Kestev minevik ­ T...

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