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"aestheticism" - 4 õppematerjali



Symbolism Liisi Pajula Characteristics 19th century France, Belgium reaction against Naturalism and Realism spirituality, imagnination, dreams represents a more gothic side of Romanticism static, priestly Artists Caspar David Friedrich Fernand Khnopff John Henry Fuseli Gustave Moreau Edvard Munch Jan Toorop Fernand Khnopff...

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Romantic poetry and prose

Approximate dates of romanticism: in the second half of the 18th century. Major events on world history at that time: · Industrial revolution · In America the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776 · The French Revolution, 1789 · The King of England was George III, after him George IV and then Queen Victoria Outcomes:...

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American Literature

The origin of the universe, might be hinting at the big bang theory. Philosophical binary oppositions: attraction and repulsion, variety and unity, gravitation and diffusion. According to Poe the universe has a mathematical beauty and precision in which one can see the hand of God. Art is man's instrument for making some order out of the chaos of existence. Opposite side of Poe's art is his aestheticism . The purpose of art is pleasure not the truth. The object of poetry is "rhythmical creation of beauty". Informational poetry, poetry of ideas, didactic was illegal according to Poe. Essay "the poetic principal". Principals are mostly symbolist. A poem is just a poem and nothing else, written only for the poem's sake, for the sake of beauty. Poe the prose writer was forced to starts writing shot stories because he was poor. It wa...

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English literature summary

  Ivory   Tower   (an   ideal   place   disconnected  from  the  real  world  where  academics  and  artists  find  refuge).  The  role  of   the  artist;  setting  art  aside  means  death  for  the  artist.       Decadenceaestheticism  and  Oscar  Wilde   Appeared   in   the   1880s–90s,   i.e.   late   Victorian   era.   Decadence   used   in   Continental   Europe,  aestheticism  in  England.     Abandonment   of   Victorian   society.   Proud   of   being   different   from   the   philistines   (the   middle  class  of  Victorian  society  that  we...

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