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"whittington" - 4 õppematerjali


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M. and R. Jansikene, Electronic Engineering, Tallinn: TUT, 2006. 148 p. ISBN: 109985690397 76. Vodovozov, V. M. and R. Jansikene, Power Electronic Converters, Tallinn: TUT, 2006. 120 p. ISBN: 9985690389 77. Waggoner, R. M. (editor), Practical Guide to Quality Power for Sensitive Electronic Equipment, Overland Park, Kan.: EC&M Books, 1997. 144 p. ISBN: 0872886670 233 78. Whittington , H. W., B. W. Flynn, and D. E. MacPherson, Switched-Mode Power Supplies - Design and Construction, Taunton, Somerset, England: Research Studies Press; New York: Wiley, 1997. 236 p. ISBN: 0863802036 79. Williams, B. W. Power Electronics: Devices, Drivers, Applications, and Passive Components, NY: McGraw-Hill, 1992. 542 p. ISBN: 0070704392 80. Williams, T., EMC for Product Designers, Oxford; Boston: Newnes, 2001. 360 p. ISBN: 075...

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TARTU ÜLIKOOL Pärnu kolledz PROJEKTIPERSONALI JUHTIMINE 3EAP Loengukonspekt Gerda Mihhailova Pärnu 2012 SISUKORD 1. PROJEKTIPERSONALI JUHTIMISE ERIPÄRAD ORGANISATSIOONIDES. .......... 3 1.1 Projektid ja projektipersonal organisatsioonikeskkonnas. ........................................... 3 1.2 Projektijuhi töö ning pädevuse...

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J. 2004. Bacon production: Other bacon. as sodium chloride substitutes in fermented sausages In Encyclopedia of Meat Sciences, 3 vols., edited by and in dry-cured pork loin. Meat Science 42:37– W. K. Jensen, C. Devine, and M. Dikeman. London: 48. Elsevier Academic Press. Hamm, R. 1960. Biochemistry of meat hydration. Annor-Frempong, I. E., G. R. Nute, F. W. Whittington , Advances in Food Research 10:355–463. and J. W. Wood. 1997. The problem of taint in pork Henderson, L., K. Irving, J. Gregory, C. J. Bates, A. 1. Detection thresholds and odour profiles of andro- Prentice, J. Perks, G. Swan, and M. Farron. 2003. The stenone and skatole in a model system. Meat Science National Diet and Nutrition Survey: Adults aged 46:45–45....

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English structure revision for the exam

8.4 Characteristics of clause elements MorphologyForm: Clause elements combine to form clauses. The number of patterns is small. According to David Crystal there are only seven basic types. o S + V: I yawned o S + V + O: Fred opened the door o S + V + C: The dinner is ready o S + V + A: Dick Whittington went to London o S + V + O + O: Romeo gave Juliet a kiss o S + V + O + C: Henry got his feet very wet o S + V + O + A: Sam put the bottles in the cellar 8.5 Semanticthematic roles of clause elements Verbs play an important role in the interaction between meaning and syntax because they are typically accompanied by the nounsnoun phrases which refer to the participants in the event or state the verb describe...

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