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"whitish" - 4 õppematerjali



Loopealsed 2. Nõmmemetsad 3. Palumetsad 4. Laanemetsad 5. Salumetsad 6. Soovikumetsad 7. Rabastuvad metsad 8. Rohusoometsad 9. Samblasoometsad 10. Kõdusoometsad ALVAR FORESTS ­LOOPEALSED METSAD This groupof types includes forests of low productivity and with a peculiar xeromesophilous ground vegetation, which grow on a layer of limestone, gr...

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Physical characteristics Tigers are easy to recognise. They typically have rustyreddish to brownrusty coats, a whitish medial and ventral area, a white "fringe" that surrounds the face, and stripes that vary from brown or gray to pure black. The form and density of stripes differs between subspecies, but most tigers have over 100 stripes. Subspecies There are nine recent subspecies of tiger, three of which are extinct. The surviving subspecies, in descending order of wild population, are: The Bengal tiger or th...

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Tundra loomad

Musk ox It looks like a huge dust mop on hooves, their long hair reaching almost to the ground. The musk ox gets its name from the odour produced by glands beneath its eyes. The male has thick horns that almost meet on top of its head in what is called a "boss". The horns curve down besides its face and out at the ends. The female has smaller horns, without a boss. Instead the top of her head is covered with whitish hair. In the summer the musk ox herd has about 10 members. They will use the almost constant daylight to stuff themselves on plants. They need to put on enough fat to get them through the long winter. In winter the herd can have about 15 to 20 members. Each herd has a dominant male, or bull, which will try to keep other bulls from mating with the females. The female will give birth to one calf. The lifespan of a musk ox i...

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The sunshine gene affects the agouti (ticked) hairs only". Sunshine silver looks very different from a silver with rufism; the nose leather is pinkish unlike that of a tabby cat. The red colour of a sunshine red tabbies and sunshine torties is brighter and the paws are lighter. The absence of pigment in the sunshine tabbies extends beyond the edges of the nose leather so they have no nose-liner and have whitish fur at the bottom of the nose. There is a link to one of the Snowknight cats, Joschka, around 7 generations back, so his torbie dynasty continues. The common ancestor from Poland is Snowknight Destiny. Either Destiny or her brother Snowknight Derringer had a very colourful torbie male offspring, but the breeder had him neutered rather than test-mating him. This was carried over from Joschka, who had an extra Chromosome. Caroline Sharp’s...

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