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"waked" - 5 õppematerjali


Description of an Interesting Person I Have Met

I was very tired, and I decided to go to the beach and just lie on the hot sand and sunbathe. When I creamed myself somebody bumped into me and that was him. He was chasing volleyball and after he had bumped into me he apologized and asked me to play volleyball with his friends and I agreed. He wore chequered shorts and his upper body was naked. He was very handsome, because he was about 180cm...

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Heartless It was one late evening when a little blond girl, aged between 7-8, ran quietly across the Ninth Avenue and entered one of the old houses that were lining the road. Inside she went smoothly though the corridors and soon reached a wooden door. After knocking twice a voice from inside called "Enter!" and the child went in. The room was filled with the sm...

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The list of irregular verbs

The list of irregular verbs Basic Form Simple Past Past Participle Form (II) Form (III) 1. abide abode (abided) abided (mlgi juurde) jääma, (mlstki) kinni pidama, (mdgi) järgima (by) 2. arise arose arisen tõusma, esile...

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Ebareeglipäased tegusõnad - irregular verbs

31 teach taught taught 2.32 tell told told 1 ­en 15 2.33 think thought thought 1.1 write wrote written 2.34 understand understoodunderstood 1.2 take took taken 2.35 wake...

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Jane Eyre

Only a servant named Bessie was gind to Jane, who told her stories and sang songs to her. One day, Jane’s cousin John Reed bullied Jane and Jane got mad. They were caught fighting and Jane aunt, imprisoned Jane into the red room, were Jane’s uncle had died. Jane was really scared of that room because, she believed that her uncle’s ghost was still in there. In the room Jane was screaming and so scared that she fainted. When she waked up, Mrs. Reed decided to send Jane to the Lowood School, Jane was also happy to leave. When Jane arrived to the school she found out that her life was better in her aunt house than in that school. The school’s headmaster was Mr. Brocklehurst, a cruel, hypocritical, and abusive man, who treated the students really bad. In school Jane found a friend named Helen Burns who was also at same age as Jane. In the winter Helen got sic and...

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