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"vulnerabilities" - 10 õppematerjali


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CUR Cursor (file name extension) CUSIP Committee for Uniform Security Identification Procedures [U.S. Treasury] CUT Control Unit Terminal CUTE Clarkston University Terminal Emulator CUU Cursor Up CVE Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures [US-CERT] CVF Compressed Volume File CVGA Color Video Graphics Array CVIA Computer Virus Industry Association .CVR Cover Page (file name extension) CVS Computer Vision Syndrome + Concurrent Versions System CVT Convert CVW CodeView for Windows CWA Competitive Web Analysis CWD Convert Word to Double Word + Change Working Directory [Internet] CWIS Campus Wide Information ServiceSystem [Internet] +...

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Chat rooms

Just be aware of what you are doing and saying, and if you have small children, be sure to monitor their activity on the Internet. There are several programs, as I recall, that allow parents to track what their children are seeing and doing while on-line. One of the biggest threats on chat rooms is the presence of pedophiles, online stalkers and other predators always looking to exploit the vulnerabilities of pre-teens and young teens. Chat room regulars can become easily disconnected from real-life activities and extra-curricular pursuits, leading to general aloofness, less contact with real- world friends and a gradual process of social disengagement. Thats a good question. And it all depends on how responsible your child really is - and what kind of relationship you have with them. Chat rooms are the most common place kids find the...

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Oht on seega kas: *potentsiaalne tervikluse rikkumine *potentsiaalne käideldavuse rikkumin *Potentsiaalne konfidentsiaalsuse rikkumine Ohtude liigitamine Ohte on võimalik liigitada: Turvalisuse komponendi järgi (mida ohustab) Allika järgi (mis põhjustab) Kahjustuse olulisuse seisukohalt (kui suure kahju tekitab) Reeglina ka...

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TPT Andmeturbe eksami küsimused ja vastused 2011

Informatsioon ehk teave (information) ­ teadmine, mis puudutab objekte, näiteks fakte, sündmusi, asju, protsesse või ideid ja millel on teatavas kontekstis eritähendus 1.1.Andmed (data) ­ informatsiooni taastõlgendatav esitus formaliseeritud kujul, mis sobib edastuseks, tõlgenduseks või töötluseks 1.2.Andmed on informatsiooni esitus, st tema kirjapanek mingis eelnevalt kokkulepitud kujul (mis võimal...

Arvutiõpetus - Kutsekool
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Sissejuhatus infosüsteemidesse kontrolltöö teooria

Infosüsteemide (IS) valdkond (IS valdkonna spetsialisti teadmised) Infosüsteemide valdkond Tegeleb kõigega, mis on seotud inimvõimete suurendamisega infotehnoloogia abil ja see puudutab: · probleemide lahendamist · otsuste vastuvõtmist · vajalike tegevuste sooritamist · arusaamise/mõistmise loomist Täpsemalt tegeletakse probleemidega, mis on seotud infotehnoloogiliste ressursside ja te...

Sissejuhatus... - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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Sotsiaalne tarkvara ja võrgukogukonnad wiki

It is estimated that the information of 77 million users was compromised. Sources "based on information currently available to Sony, our currently known costs associated with the unauthorized network access are estimated to be approximately 14 billion yen," or about $171 million. http://www.informationweek.c...

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Turvaauk CVE-2014-1705

CVE-2014-1705 CVE-2014-1705 kirjeldab turvaauku, mis leiti Google JavaScript mootoris V8, mida kasutati Google Chrome enne versiooni 33.0.1750.152 OS X-il ja Linuxil ning enne versiooni 33.0.1750.154 Windowsil. V8 on avatud allikaga JavaScript mootor, mis on kirjutatud keeles C++ ja kasutatakse Google Chrome-is. See kasutab ECMAScripti ja töötab Windows XP-l ja Vi...

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Cialdini raamat

and the contagion of violence in such tragedies as the Virginia Tech and North- o Enhanced coverage of "how to say no." New evidence is presented to ern Illinois mass killings. help readers identify their special e Added coverage of social influence vulnerabilities to various techniques effects in new technologies, such as of persuasion. persuasion resulting from on line banner ads and the subliminal presentation o Twice as many Reader's Reports- first-person accounts in which readers of odors. of previous editions...

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Misusing and Abusing the IoT ( Ingliskeelne referaat andmeturve ITX0040 jaoks)

Privacy One of the most discussed issues concerning the security of the internet of things is the issue of privacy. According to a study done by HP, 70 percent of the most frequently used IoT devices containt vulnerabilities . One of the most common security issue was privacy related. It appears that 90% of the tested devices collected at least one piece of personal information [3]. Due to the variety of tasks the devices connected to the IoT monitor and administer, the amount of information to extract from those devices is fairly large. A british IT-consultant discovered that the LG made smart-TV has been sending back information to the company, about what s...

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Big data in cloud

Hiring the right talent and applying the right tools is crucial to make relevant decisions from a big data project. [21] Some aforementioned products also bring new never-seen problems with them. As cybersecurity has never been more important than it is now, then making sure, that your product isn't misused and it cant be leaked is a must. There are multiple ways hackers can attack databases and take advantage of their vulnerabilities. Few examples of inside-based attacks are: Academic essay (ITI0103) 2019 spring - Abusing excessive privileges. When the user is granted additional privileges that the user doesn't initially require can result in unexpected results, as the user, who only needs read-only privileges, but is granted full administrative powers, can edit the data he initially was not supposed...

Algoritmid ja andmestruktuurid - Tallinna Ülikool
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