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Hemingway A Farewell to Arms (main characters)

Analysis of Major Characters Frederic Henry - In the sections of the novel in which he describes his experience in the war, Henry portrays himself as a man of duty. He attaches to this understanding of himself no sense of honor, nor does he expect any praise for his service. Even after he has been severely wounded, he discourages Rinaldi from pursuing medals of distinction for him. Time and again, through conversations with men like the priest, Ettore Moretti, and Gino, Henry distances himself from such abstract notions as faith, honor, and patriotism. Concepts such as these mean nothing to him beside such concrete facts of war as the names of the cities in which he has fought and the numbers of decimated streets. Against this bleak backdrop, Henry's reaction to Catherine Barkley is rather astonishing. The reader understands why Henry responds to the game that Catherine proposes--why he pledges his love to a woman he barely knows: l...

Tekstistruktuur (inglise) - Tallinna Ülikool
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Hemingway A Farewell to Arms (overview)

At the beginning of the novel, the war is winding down with the onset of winter, and Henry arranges to tour Italy. The following spring, upon his return to the front, Henry meets Catherine Barkley, an English nurse's aide at the nearby British hospital and the love interest of his friend Rinaldi. Rinaldi, however, quickly fades from the picture as Catherine and Henry become involved in an elaborate game of seduction. Grieving the recent death of her fiancé, Catherine longs for love so deeply that she will settle for the illusion of it. Her passion, even though pretended, wakens a desire for emotional interaction in Henry, whom the war has left coolly detached and numb. When Henry is wounded on the battlefield, he is brought to a hospital in Milan to recover. Several doctors recommend that he stay in b...

Tekstistruktuur (inglise) - Tallinna Ülikool
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Hemingway A Farewell to Arms (themes, motifs, symbols)

The Grim Reality of War - As the title of the novel makes clear, A Farewell to Arms concerns itself primarily with war, namely the process by which Frederic Henry removes himself from it and leaves it behind. The few characters in the novel who actually support the effort--Ettore Moretti and Gino--come across as a dull braggart and a naïve youth, respectively. The majority of the characters remain ambivalent about the war, resentful of the terrible destruction it causes, doubtful of the glory it supposedly brings. The novel offers masterful descriptions of the conflict's senseless brutality and violent chaos: the scene of the Italian army's retreat remains one of the most profound evocations of war in American literature. As the neat columns of men begin to crumble, so too do the soldiers' nerves, minds, and capac...

Tekstistruktuur (inglise) - Tallinna Ülikool
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Aine: Tõlketeooria alused Semester: Sügis 2008 Autorid: Aleksandra Dergatsova Anna Siskova Sergei Zjuganov Anna Pirk Maria Komarova TEADUS JA KEELETEADUS Benjamin Lee Whorf Benjamin Lee Whorf (1897 -1941) oli Ameerika keeleteadlane. Algselt inseneriharidusega Whorf töötas tulekahjukindlustuse alal ning tegeles kultuurantropoloogia ja lingvistikaga hobidena. 1931. aastal astus ta Yale'i ülikooli keeleteadust...

Tekstistruktuur (inglise) - Tallinna Ülikool
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