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Ancient Britain: the Celtic tribes. 2000 years ago there was an Iron Age Celtic culture throughout the Br Isles. It seems that the Celts, who had been arriving from Europe from the 8th cent BC onward, intermingled with the peoples who were already there. The Celts were extremely talented people, creative and artistic. More than 1 Celtic tribe invaded Br. The descendants of ancient Celts live in Wales, Scotland, Cornwall and Ireland. They lived in primitive society. Druids ­ priests, more powerful than chiefs. Acted like prophets. 2. Stonehenge From prehistoric period. Was built on Salisbury plain between 2500 and 1500 bc. One of the most famous and mysterious archaeological sites in the world. One of the mysteries is how it was built at all with the technology of the time. Another is its purpose. It appears to function as a kind on astronomical clock and we know it was used by the Druids for ceremonies marking the passing...

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Suurbritannia ühiskond ja kultuur test 1

Match the term to heir definition A parish priest in the Church of England = vicar, rector A member of the highest order of ministry in the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches who supervises a diocese = bishop A person authorized to conduct religious worship in the Church of Scotland= minister, deacons, “elders”, readers 2. Which of the following is considered ascribed status? Job Gender - yes Age - yes Position Race – yes 3. A member state of the Commonwealth of Nations which recognizes Queen Elizabeth II as their head of state is called A Crown dependency A constituent country A Commonwealth realm - see 4. The principle that an individual human’s beliefs and activities should be understood bu other in terms of that individual’s own culture is known as Chauvinism Ethnocentrism Racism Cultural relativism- see 5. Math the examinations to their explanations An examination...

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How does the United States influence Estonia?

It influences the whole world with their political views, military forced etc. To my mind, one of the biggest influences that the United States has on us is the language. Estonian language surely is very beautiful but has a lot of loans from other languages. Also in colloquial language, especially with the younger generation, we switch a lot of words. Like instead of saying "vabandust" we say "sorry". Estonia is not economically dependent on the United States because they are not one of our most important trading partners, but as the economics of the United States has a great influence on the world economy, they can still indirectly have an influence on Estonian economy. Estonia is mainly influenced by the Americanization that is taking over the whole world. American products are everywhere:...

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