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"relent" - 8 õppematerjali


A Midsummer Nights Dream

Climax :The play reaches its climax near the end of Act IV, after all of the lovers overcome their obstacles and leave for the temple to be united in marriage. Some of the characters: *Theseus: Kind and generous. He must enforce the law, but talks privately with Egeus and Demetrius to get them to relent . He appreciates the effort that goes into the play-within-a- play, and the sincerity of the ordinary people. He lets his imagination turn good people's sincere effort into a good performance. *Hippolyta: More literal-minded than Theseus. She cannot bring her imagination to consider a bad play good. But she notes that the lovers' tale of paranormal experience in the woods presents "great constancy" -- what paranormal investigators look for...

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Videvik(kogu raamat Inglise keeles)

If you were anywhere near me when I lost control that way..." He shook his head, still gazing morosely at the heavy clouds. I kept my expression firmly under control, expecting the swift flash of his eyes to judge my reaction that soon followed. My face gave nothing away. But our eyes held, and the silence deepened -- and changed. Flickers of the electricity I'd felt this afternoon began to charge the atmosphere as he gazed unrelentingly into my eyes. It wasn't until my head started to swim that I realized I wasn't breathing. When I drew in a jagged breath, breaking the stillness, he closed his eyes. "Bella, I think you should go inside now." His low voice was rough, his eyes on the clouds again. I opened the door, and the arctic draft that burst into the car helped clear my head. Afraid I might stumble in my woozy state, I stepped carefully out of the car and shut th...

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Éclipse chapter 12 - kokkuvõte

Reassured, Edward tells Bella that he understands her qualms about marriage; but he asks her to try to understand how natural getting married seems to someone of his own era. For a moment she visualizes herself as a radiant, turn-of-the-century bride-to-be, before quickly returning to her own reality. Edward, for his part, remains unwilling to relent and change Bella unless she marries him first. They agree they are glad to understand one another's perspectives better, but it is still an impasse. When Edward arrives the next morning to take Bella to school, she is staring blindly at a newspaper report on the latest string of gruesome murders in Seattle. The newborn vampire there is clearly getting scarily out of hand. Bella is terrified by the idea of the Cullens going to Seattle to dea...

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TARTUFFE (inglise keelne)

(To Damis) Yes, my dear son, say on, and call me traitor, Abandoned scoundrel, thief, and murderer; Heap on me names yet more detestable, And I shall not gainsay you; I've deserved them; I'll bear this ignominy on my knees, To expiate in shame the crimes I've done. ORGON (to Tartuffe) Ah, brother, 'tis too much! (To his son) You'll not relent , You blackguard? DAMIS What! His talk can so deceive you . . . ORGON Silence, you scoundrel! (To Tartuffe) Brother, rise, I beg you. (To his son) Infamous villain! DAMIS Can he . . . ORGON Silence! DAMIS What . . . ORGON Another word, I'll break your every bone. TARTUFFE Brother, in God's name, don't be angry with him! I'd rather bear myself the bitterest torture Than have him get a scratch on my account. ORGON (to his son) Ungrateful monster! TARTUFFE...

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Mary Shelly "Frankenstein"

Captain Walton's concluding frame narrative At the end of Victor's narrative, Captain Walton resumes the telling of the story. A few days after the vanishing of the creature, the ship becomes entombed in ice and Walton's crew insists on returning south once they are freed. In spite of a passionate speech from Frankenstein, encouraging the crew to push further north, Walton realizes that he must relent to his men's demands and agrees to head for home. Frankenstein dies shortly thereafter, not before imploring Captain Walton to carry his mission of vengeance to its completion. "The task of his destruction was mine, but I have failed. When actuated by selfish and vicious motives, I asked you to take up my unfinished work; and I renew this request now, when I am only induced by reason and virtue." Walton discovers the monster on his ship, mo...

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Bellerophon did. The Lycian king then tried one ruse after another to carry out the surreptitious instructions, but Bellerophon successively battled the Solymi, defeated the Amazons, and slew the best warriors of Lycia, who had ambushed him. In the end the Lycian king relented , realizing that the youth stood under the divine protection of the gods, and gave him his daughter and half his kingdom. This is the only mention of writing in the Iliad. Homer's language is not precise enough to tell exactly what the markings on the tablets were. They were probably nothing more than ordinary letters—actually substitution of symbols for letters seems too sophisticated for the era of the Trojan War. But the mystery that...

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Cialdini raamat

Indeed, Mr. Kroner went on to assure the flood victims that his government would be with them for the long term, stating that "everything we can do and everything Louisiana wants us to do, we are ready to do." Mr. Kroner also suggested one telling reason for this extraordinary willingness to help: The Netherlands owed it to New Orleans-for more than half a century. On January 31, 1953 an unrelenting gale pushed fierce North Sea waters across a quarter-million acres of his country, leveling dikes, levees, and thousands of homes while killing 2,000 residents. Soon thereafter, Dutch officials requested and received aid and technical assistance from their counterparts in New Orleans, which resulted in the construction of a new system of water pumps that have since protected the coun- try from similarly destructive floods. One wonders why it...

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Assignment Analysis of literature: prose

morosely (26) - not feeling very cheerful. (gloomily) situation: King was upset and sat morosely in the car with a beer. to cajole (36) - persuade (someone) to do something by sustained coaxing or flattery. Situation: Lynette cajoled Eli to wear a hat for a while and then she took it. to relent (39) - abandon or mitigate a severe or harsh attitude, especially by finally yielding to a request. Situation: When Lipsha was talking about mother with Albertine he said he wouldn't relent on her even if she would come back, goes down on her knees and begged him for forgiveness. 2. Explain the following literary terms. Learn and use them in your discussion of the book: Protagonist - the leading character or one of the major char...

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