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I mean, I really, really love different languages. I also believe and have been told that I pick them up rather easily. That might be true, although I did not pick any Greek up in Greece but that might have been because they spoke so damn fast that I could not tell if it was a word or an entire sentence. The first foreign language I learned was Russian. Considering I was ten when Estonia became a Republic, it makes sense. We began studying Russian in first grade, though it was simplified – "koška" instead of "kot", "medvešonok" instead of "medved", "saichik" etc. Did not make much sense and we mostly played some games in Russian (Tare-tareke etc). Learned as much playing outside, since we had Estonian-Russian kids around as well. Not that we played with them. It's sad to say but it was not a nice time to be a Russian kid. We were mean to them, and we...

Inglise keele ajalugu
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History of english review questions and answers 2016

Free variaton of R, and it was pronounced everywhere. Very much Germanic in character. Quite some special consonants that no longer exist. About morphology: synthetic with numerous aglutinating tendencies. System of tenses Germanic, but with a reduction of tenses. Paradigmatic leveling; Stress shift; Word order; Loan words (Old Norse, Old French). Dual pronouns. Determiners - no separate definite article. Strong and weak verbs. Word order relatively free with tendencies towards SVO. SVO, SOV, VSO most common. Adposition and podposition were both possible (eesliide ja tagaliide). About syntax: clauses were joined much simpler than nowadays, using and, then etc. Because of case syncretion the word order in a sentence became much more important to be able to tell the difference between words. FIRST CONSONANT SHIFT (GRIMM'S L...

Inglise keele ajalugu
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