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Torutransport - esitlus inglise keeles

Pipeline transport Contents Who suggested to use pipe first for transporting petroleum? Pipeline construction Products that can be carried by pipeline Pipelines by purpose Pigging Advatages of pipelines Challenges of pipelines Accidents Three longest pipelines in the world Nord Stream pipeline First man who suggested to use pipe for transporting petroleum: Dmitri Mendeleev In 1863 Petroleum Pipeline construction Route (right of way) Selection Surveying the route Clearing the route Trenching - Main Route and Crossings (roads, rail, other pipes, etc.) Installing the pipe Installing valves, intersections, etc. Covering the pipe and trench What can transport through the pipeline? Liquids Gases Solid capsules The most popular and valuable: Oil Natural gas A pipeline carries Biofuels crude oil through the ...

Logistika → Inglise keel - torutransport
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Vehicles used in different modes of transport

Vehicles used in different modes of transport Contents ● 1.What is transport? ● 2.Airways ● 3.Roadways ● 4.Waterways ● 5.Railways ● 6.Pipelines ● 7.Conclusion 1.What is transport? Means by which a shipment is moved from point “A” to point “B”, such as by air, rail, road or sea. 2.Airways Air freighting is commonly used by businesses for the delivery of goods from distant suppliers. This type of transport is useful to deliver products within short time limits, fragile goods and products that are not bulky. Products in high demand and in short supply may also be air freighted in order to meet customer demands. The value ratio will be a determing factor. 3.Road Road a very popular mоde of transport used by suppliers and business to deliver orders. Many transport companies provide scheduled delivery days and next day delivery services, depending upon your...

Logistika → Inglise keel - torutransport
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