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Keelefilosoofia raamat

For another, if all words were like proper names, serving just to pick out individual things, we would not be able to form grammatical sentences in the first place. Meaning and understanding Not many people know that, in 1931, Adolf Hitler made a visit to the United States, in the course of which he did some sightseeing, had a brief affair with a lady named Maxine in Keokuk, Iowa, tried peyote (which caused him to hal- lucinate hordes of frogs and toads wearing little boots and singing the Horst Wessel Lied), infiltrated a munitions plant near Detroit, met secretly with Vice-President Curtis regarding sealskin futures, and invented the electric can opener. There is a good reason why not many people know all that: none of it is true. But the remarkable thing is that just now, as you read through my opening sentence--let us call it sentence (1)--you understood it perfectly, w...

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When they try to pass through a town they are often scared away or shot. With their feeding patterns disrupted, many polar bears have starved. The Alaskan oil pipeline was built across a caribou migration route. In some places the pipeline has been raised above the ground so the caribou can pass under it. Pesticides have been used to control the hordes of insects. Thousands of migrating birds come to the tundra because of the abundant insects. Through the food chain the pesticides reach many of the animals that live on the tundra. Pollution from mining and drilling for oil has polluted the air, lakes and rivers. The land around some nickel mines in Russia has become so polluted that the plants in the surrounding area have died. Footprints and tire tracks can be visible for many years afte...

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Solutions Advanced Workbook key

It must 1 1 b 2 b 3 c 4 a 5 d 6 c have been an incredible sight. I wish 7 a 8 a 9 d 10 b they'd filmed that too. Presenter It does sound amazing. 2 1 what 6 to And what did the scan show? 2 7 Moira Well, that's something I'm not 3 it 8 going to give away! You'll have to see 4 of...

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Mass Tourism

Finally mass tourism can increase population of country. In fact, sometimes tourist can go back and start his life there. On the otherhand, unfortunately there are some negative aspects aswell. Firstly, with mass tourism comes pollution. For example, tourist throws carbage on the ground because there are no garbage cans around. Another bad aspect is that tourists disturb wildlife. Hordes of tourists can go to forest and scare wild animals. Last but not least, is that places are spoiled by over-development. In fact, they chop down forest to build hotels and restaurants. In conclusion, there are number of strong points both for and against mass tourism. However, i think that being against mass tourism is more rightful than being in favour of accepting it....

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He was only slightly more naive than most inventors. A representative of the humanities, Walter W. Skeat, a distinguished English philologist and editor of Chaucer, proposed a cipher in 1896 that amounted to a Vigenere with key ABCDE; when hordes of amateur cryptanalysts knocked it off, he had the grace to bow and retire. Nearly all the cryptographic fossils entombed in dusty books or in old files of patent offices deserve their oblivion. They are too prone to error or too easy to solve or too cumbersome. Many an inventor delights in intricacy. Poorly endowed with empathy, he never considers the possibility that cipher clerks will not dote as lovingly upon the complex calculations...

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