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The minimum water-holding capacity myofilaments. Some of the factors that alter of meat occurs around pH 5.0, which corre- the spatial arrangement of the myofilaments sponds to the isoelectric point of actomyosin. include alterations in net charge induced by In addition, toughness is negatively corre- pH changes, screening of charges by anions lated with initial pH and rate of pH decline cations, presence of divalent cations (Mg++, (Zamora et al. 1996). Two-thirds of the WHC Ca++), denaturing conditions that alter protein losses occurring during rigor are due to loss conformation (rapid pH decline while the of ATP, with the remainder due to pH decline. carcass temperature is still high), and pres- The rate of pH decline is partially genetic, in ence of plasti...

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Reagents Hydrochloric acid 0.1 M; sulphuric acid 0.1 M; zinc and aluminium granules; copper wire; solution of copper(II) sulphate; solution of copper(II) chloride; solution of iron(II) sulphate; solution of potassium hexacyanoferrate(III); zinc-plated iron sheet; tin-plated iron sheet; iron paper clips; solid NaCl; urotrop...

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Capillary electrophoresis i.k.

  The  advantage  of  electroosmotic  flow  is  the  fact  that  almost  all  the  particles  are  moving  independently  of  the  charge  in  the same direction. In normal conditions, i.e. capillary  surface  is  negatively   charged,  the  flow  moves  from  the  anode  to  the  cathode.  The anions are  also  moving  to  the  cathode,  as  EOF  may   is  measurable  greater  than  the  electrophoretic  mobility.  That  means,  that  cations,  anions   and  neutral  molecules  can  be  separated  electrophoretically in a single analysis since they migrate in the same direction.  ● Cations  moved  most  quickly,  as  the  EOF  and  electrophoretic  movement  directed  in  the same direction to the cath...

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