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Humiinhape Keemiline valem Humiinhape Humic acid has the average chemical formula C187H186O89N9S1 and is insoluble in strong acid (pH = 1). One of two classes of natural acidic organic polymer that can be extracted from humus found in soil, sediment, or aquatic environments. The process by which humic acid forms in humus is not well understood, but the consensus is that it accumulates gradually as a residue from the metabolism of microorganisms. Transition and heavy metals--for example, Fe3+ or Pb2+--as well as other compounds having aromatic or hydrophobic (water-insoluble) chemical structures (i.e., organic pesticides or anthropogenic hydrocarbons), react strongly with humic acid. This property makes it an effective agent in sequestering many of the pollutants in terrestrial and aquatic environment...

Geograafia - Keskkool
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Energy - põhjalik referaat energiast

Nuclear power was used to generate 19.4% of all the country's electricity in 2007. Hydropower, the source for 5.8% of U.S. electricity generation in 2007, is a process in which flowing water is used to spin a turbine connected to a generator. There are two basic types of hydroelectric systems that produce electricity. In the first system, flowing water accumulates in reservoirs created by the use of dams. The water falls through a pipe called a penstock and applies pressure against the turbine blades to drive the generator to produce electricity. In the second system, called run-of-river, the force of the river current (rather than falling water) applies pressure to the turbine blades to produce electricity. Geothermal power comes from heat energy buried beneath the surface of the earth. In so...

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Aniliini riskianalüüs (eng)

In mice, aniline induced micronuclei in several studies, but only at very high dose levels in the toxic range. Negative results have been found in the analysis of sperm head anomalies and equivocal results in the dominant lethal test. e) Other toxic effects, e.g. immunotoxicity and local toxicity - No information available. f) Ecotoxicity Toxic to aquatic organisms. Accumulates in their bodies. 6. Contact The primary method of obtaining aniline - restoration of nitrobenzene. Not found in nature. To my regret there is no information about aniline contact with humans on the internet, so I will just make a guess and inference from all I have raed on this theme. Aniline can be dangerous to workers during transport (damage equipment, etc.) Dyes are made from aniline, chemists who are engaged, are at risk of poisoni...

Riski- ja ohuõpetus - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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Christopher Vogler The Writers Journey

I find surprising and delightful turns of the path every time I pick up a new story, and life itself keeps teaching new angles. M y understanding of the Shadow archetype, for example, continues to evolve. I have been impressed all over again by the power of this pattern, especially as it operates within the individual as a repository for unexpressed feelings and desires. It is a force that accumulates when you fail to honor your gifts, follow the call of your muses, or live up to your principles and ideals. It has great but subtle power, operating on deep levels to communicate with you, perhaps sabotaging your efforts, upsetting your balance until you realize the message these events bring — that you must express your creativity, your true nature, or die. A car accident a few years ago taught me the rebellious power of the Sha...

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The elements of Japanese Garden

It is found in many forms. It accumulates in the ponds, runs in the streams or tumbles in the cascades. It contributes to the expression of nature and symbolizes renewal, calm, wonder and continuity in the hereafter. Stones. They are laid out in accordance with strict rules, depending on their shapes and sizes; they often are twinned by pairs. The type of stone to use is one of the most important element, in the design of a Japanese garden. Lantern. Originally intended to guide t...

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