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It depends et al. 2006). In general, meat that is the most on several factors that may also be related to tender is derived from muscles that were initial tenderness (Wicklund et al. 2005; least used when the animal was alive, while Novakofski and Brewer 2006). Wicklund et meat that is the most tough is derived from al. (2005) reported that changes in tenderness muscles that are used the most (locomotor, of strip steaks required 14 days of aging. postural). However, both genetics and age Novakofski and Brewer (2006) reported that affect tenderness. Meat from two-year-old the mean imp...

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Fortunately, the results of the few studies that have been done on censorship are highly consistent. Almost invariably, our response to banned information is to want to receive that information to a greater extent and to become more favorable toward it than we were before the ban. (Ashmore, Ramchandra, 8(: Jones, 1971; Wicklund 8(: Brehm, 1974; Worchel 8(: Arnold, 19]3; Worchel, 1992). The intriguing finding about the effects of censored information on an audi- ence is not that audience members want to have the information more than before; that seems natural. Rather, it is that they come to believe in the information more, even though they haven't received it. For example, when University of North Car- olina students learned that a speech...

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