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"whither" - 5 õppematerjali



Bermuda Click to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth level Bermuda (officially, the Bermuda Islands or the Somers Isles) is a British overseas territory in the North Atlantic Ocean Located off t...

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Jane Austen

Bennet was most pressingly civil in her hope of seeing the whole family soon at Longbourn, and addressed herself especially to Mr. Bingley, to assure him how happy he would make them by eating a family dinner with them at any time, without the ceremony of a formal invitation. Bingley was all grateful pleasure, and he readily engaged for taking the earliest opportunity of waiting on her, after his return from London, whither he was obliged to go the next day for a short time. Mrs. Bennet was perfectly satisfied, and quitted the house under the delightful persuasion that, allowing for the necessary preparations of settlements, new carriages, and wedding clothes, she should undoubtedly see her daughter settled at Netherfield in the course of three or four months. Of having another daughter married to Mr. Collins, she thought with equal certainty, and with consid...

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TARTUFFE (inglise keelne)

This is no laughing matter. ELMIRE What? ORGON From his words I see my great mistake; The deed of gift is one thing troubles me. ELMIRE The deed of gift . . . ORGON Yes, that is past recall. But I've another thing to make me anxious. ELMIRE What's that? ORGON You shall know all. Let's see at once Whether a certain box is still upstairs. ACT V SCENE I ORGON, CLEANTE CLEANTE Whither away so fast? ORGON How should I know? CLEANTE Methinks we should begin by taking counsel To see what can be done to meet the case. ORGON I'm all worked up about that wretched box. More than all else it drives me to despair. CLEANTE That box must hide some mighty mystery? ORGON Argas, my friend who is in trouble, brought it Himself, most secretly, and left it with me. He chose me, in his exile, for this trust; And on these document...

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Leksikoloogia konspekt (uus)

 Words may be homophones in one variety of English but not another: fatherfarther and forfour are homophonous in RP, but not in AmE and ScoE; wailsWales are general 14 homophones; wailsWaleswhales are homophones for many, but not in IrE and ScoE. Whetherwhither are homophones in Scotland, but not whetherweather, which are homophones in England. 39. Homographs  A kind of homonym, two or more words which are spelled the same, but differ in origin, meaning and pronunciationstress o Minute – tiny vs minute – 60 sec o Bear – noun vs bear – verb o Entrance, complex 40. Synonyms  A language specific phenomenon where different words sh...

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Puritanism in John Winthrop "A model of Christian Charity"

Closing part of the sermon is very meaningful. Once again, Winthrop emphasizes on the importance of obeying God and threats that surround people if they don’t follow Him (“but if our hearts shall turn away so that we will not obey, but shall be seduced and worship other Gods, our pleasures, and profits, and serve them, it is propounded unto us this day, we shall surely perish out of the good Land whither we pass over this vast Sea to possess it”) (Winthrop, 1996) The ending is all about repetition of the most important messages. Focusing on the word of God and letting people to choose because religion is Puritan era was not forced on but rather naturally created. “Therefore let us choose life, that we, and our Seed, may live; by obeying his voice, and cleaving to him, for he is our life, and our prosperity” (Winthrop, 1996) The last pa...

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