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Disease spores can live for many years in the soil. Other common diseases are downy mildew, rust and verticillium wilt. Sanitation and crop rotation should be considered for control in the home garden. The sunflower head moth is the major insect pest. The moth attacks at flowering time with the larvae feeding on floral parts and tunneling through developing seed. Aphids and whiteflies also can be a problem. Birds can be troublesome near harvest time. Seeds are exposed and the large flower head serves as a feeding perch. To deter birds, use frightening devices and human activity in the immediate area before damage is expected. Flower heads can be covered with plastic netting or cheesecloth. Harvesting Harvest begins in mid-September and can run into October. A check of the flower head will indicate maturity; florets in...

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ason is a great way to enrich the soil organically Companion planting • Often used as a companion plant for tomatoes • Some gardeners claim that basil can improve the growth and flavour of tomatoes and repel insects Pests and diseases • Basil has a reputation as an insect repellent, particularly for mosquitoes • Despite its insect repellent properties, basil is subject to a variety of pests • Whiteflies are primarily a problem for young plants in the greenhouse • Pests may vary depending on your region Harvesting • Traditionally, the best time to harvest basil is in the morning when the essential oils are strongest • Researchers have found that harvesting basil in the evening between 6 and 10 p.m. increases its shelf life Storing • Drying • Preserving in Oil & Salt • Freezing...

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