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"whirling" - 8 õppematerjali


POEM - The months

June brings tulips, lilies, rose, Fills the children's hands with posies. Hot July brings thundershowers, Apricots, and gillyflowers. August brings the sheaves of corn; Then the harvest home is borne. Warm September brings the fruit; Sportsmen then begin to shoot. Brown October brings the pheasant, Then to gather nuts is pleasant. Dull November brings the b...

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"Anna Karenina" kokkuvõte

When Levin approaches home, coming in from his land, he hears that Kitty and the baby have gone into the woods. A thunderstorm crashes down. Levin is frightened that they could be struck by lightning. He finds them in the woods, finally, safe but soaked. The storm represents the confusion in Levin's mind. Yet right after Levin finds his family, the sky clears. Everyone is safe again. "Just as the bees, whirling round him, now menacing him and distracting his attention, prevented him from enjoying complete physical peace, forced him to restrain his movements to avoid them, so had the petty cares that had swarmed about him from the moment he got into the trap restricted his spiritual freedom; but that lasted only so long as he was among them. Just as his bodily strength was still unaffected in spite of the bees, so too was the spiritual strength tha...

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Marilyn Monroe

City Court Judge Seymour Robinowitz presided over the hushed ceremony in the law office of Sam Slavitt (the wedding had been kept secret from both the press and the public). In reflecting on his courtship of Monroe, Miller wrote, "She was a whirling light to me then, all paradox and enticing mystery, street-tough one moment, then lifted by a lyrical and poetic sensitivity that few retain past early adolescence".[40] Nominally raised as a Christian, she converted to Judaism before marrying Miller. After she finished shooting The Prince and the Showgirl with Laurence Olivier, the couple returned to the United States from England and discovered she was pregnant. However, she suffered from endome...

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Videvik(kogu raamat Inglise keeles)

I watched in horror. "Edward." My throat was so dry I could only manage a whisper. "I honestly can't dance!" I could feel the panic bubbling up inside my chest. "Don't worry, silly," he whispered back. "I can." He put my arms around his neck and lifted me to slide his feet under mine. And then we were whirling , too. "I feel like I'm five years old," I laughed after a few minutes of effortless waltzing. "You don't look five," he murmured, pulling me closer for a second, so that my feet were briefly a foot from the ground. Alice caught my eye on a turn and smiled in encouragement -- I smiled back. I was surprised to realize that I was actually enjoying myself... a little. "Okay, this isn't half bad," I admitted. But Edward was staring toward the do...

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Johnny Cash

The family farm was flooded on at least two occasions, which later inspired him to write the song "Five Feet High and Rising". His family's economic and personal struggles during the Great Depression inspired many of his songs, especially those about other people facing similar difficulties. Cash was very close to his older brother, Jack. In May 1944, Jack was pulled into a whirling head saw in the mill where he worked and was almost cut in two. He suffered for over a week before he died on May 20, 1944, at age 15. Cash often spoke of the horrible guilt he felt over this incident. Cash's early memories were dominated by gospel music and radio. Taught by his mother and a childhood friend, Cash began playing guitar and writing songs as a young boy. In high school he sang on a local radio station;...

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As new features are introduced by Tamberg, the intensity and suggestiveness of his language, a 1 First performed by ERSO, 4 Apr. 1958, conducted by Sergey Prokhorov. peculiar treatment of folk tunes, surpassing genre limitations by real symphonism, enhancing the colouring of the texture must be mentioned. Contemporary critics found the music to be full-blooded, possessing gallant humour, sharp wit and whirling swing. The Ballet-Symphony is not only a symphonic poem but also the first Estonian ballet music depicting a contemporary maiden’s internal world. 1 The composer said about his ideas: Lately I have often observed the trend towards technicality in the ballets… Considering the reflection of deep human emotions both in script and music extremely essential, I decided to act vice versa: to reduce the outer action to a minimum, yet...

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William Shakespeare - Hamlet

HORATIO There needs no ghost, my lord, come from the grave To tell us this. HAMLET Why, right; you are i' the right; And so, without more circumstance at all, I hold it fit that we shake hands and part: You, as your business and desire shall point you; For every man has business and desire, Such as it is; and for mine own poor part, Look you, I'll go pray. HORATIO These are but wild and whirling words, my lord. HAMLET I'm sorry they offend you, heartily; Yes, 'faith heartily. HORATIO There's no offence, my lord. HAMLET Yes, by Saint Patrick, but there is, Horatio, And much offence too. Touching this vision here, It is an honest ghost, that let me tell you: For your desire to know what is between us, O'ermaster 't as you may. And now, good friends, As you are friends, scholars and soldiers, Give me one poor request....

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Christopher Vogler The Writers Journey

Like many a hero she finds that once started on a journey, she can never go back to the way things were. Ultimately, Refusal is pointless. She has already burned some bridges behind her and must live with the consequences of taking the first step on the Road of Heroes. Dorothy takes refuge in the empty house, the common dream symbol for an old personality structure. But the whirling forces of change, which she herself has stirred up, come sweeping towards her and no structure can protect against its awesome power. Refusal may be a subtle moment, perhaps just a word or two of hesitation between receiving and accepting a Call. (Often several stages of the journey may be combined in a single scene. Folklorists call this "conflation.") Refusal may be a single step near the beginning of the journey, o...

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