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Report - Occupational diseases

rst half of the year 1998 to the middle of the year 1999 the number of occupational diseases grew from 169 to 180. The numbers started to grew rapidly in the middle of the year 1999 and it grew from 180 to 205 within just 1 year. So it is clearly shown that the number of diseases keeps growing. It is not shown on the graph, but the number of occupational diseases in the year 2013 can be risen to thousands considering the growth that has been shown on the first graph. Occupations: On the second graph is shown different occupations, which exhibit the most diseases. The most alarming occupation is proven to be driving with a tractor. The percent of the diseases among the tractor drivers is shockingly 69%. Next come the car drivers and farmers. The percent of the occupational diseases among their area of work is 33%. Less alarming, but still worth mentioning, are the sewerage workers (8%), t...

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Kuidas muudab mudelprojekteerimine teraskonstruktsioonide valmistamist ja ehitamist

Sheet material was automatically allocated, prepared, cut and marked by a digitally controlled laser. At Seele’s factory in Germany, the cutting laser was combined with a digitally controlled shelving system that automatically selects, prepares and positions the material on the laser bed to increase workflow efficiency. Another machine facilitated the CNC bending and folding of sheet metal materials. Seele’s 3D model of the aluminum mullion system was used to control manufacturing equipment and even to determine the transportation schedule. Using the design model in the fabrication process, not only increases accuracy, but it also saves time in not having to create a separate set of 2D instructions for the CNC machines. The same applied to the structural steel model – since all the connections for the diagonal steel were fully defined in Tekla, welders were able to attach all of the gusset plates in the fabrication shop. The shop drawings were created inside Tekla, thus avoiding the laborious task of manually creating yet another set of drawings. 37 Construction MKA was hired by the general contractor, Hoffman Construction, to build a 3D structural model showing the sequence of steel erection. That model was included in the bid documents to all the potential steel bidders. It showed approximately 320t of temporary steel and the correct erection sequence. It was imperative that a certain erection pattern was followed, otherwise the steel would have corkscrewed down on itself before the workers had time to fully weld up all the connections and brace the structure. In addition to explaining the complex erection sequence, the model proved valuable in obtaining an accurate up front price e...

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