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"vwork" - 1 õppematerjal


The renaissance period in England. Art and literature, development of drama. Dynasties, kings and queens.

I part describes what R.H. thought of England and points to vices that he had seen. Enclosure and after effects. II part H. visits an unknown land called Utopia and he states that Utopia is an ideal republic because: 1. The Government is elected 2. No private property- everybody gets as much they need 3. Everybody works 4. After work people enjoy music, art and sport. 5. The most difficult vwork is done by slaves 6. All schooling is free 7. Old peaple are honoured and the oldest becomes the governor 8. Utopians think that a man must be healthy and wise but not rich William Shakespeare 23. April 1574- 23. April 1616. Born in Stratford-Upon-Avon. His father was a merchant and for some time was one of the leading citizens of the town. S.-s mother came from the family of a rich farmer and there were 8 children in S.-s family. Wi...

British culture (briti... - Keskkool
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