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The Blackpool Dance Festival

The Blackpool Dance Festival is considered the largest of the five festivals I mentioned before. Last year 68 countries participated. The festival takes place during 9 days and it includes Ballroom and Latin American dancing. The Dances Now briefly about the dances. The international standard dances are Slow Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slow Foxtrot and Quickstep. And the international Latin dances are Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble and Jive. The Estonians Now I would like to point out some Estonians and their places. The most successful are Aleksander Makarov and Katrin End who have reached to the second place as the highest. Kristi Boyce-End, an Estonian married to an Englishman, is competing for England. She and Warren Boyce have been 4th twice and t...

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Erinevate riikide rahvustoidud

Then the cake is decorated with additional whipped cream and chocolate shavings. A Schnitzel in German is a slice of pork or veal haunch. Dish made with boneless meat thinned with a mallet (escalope-style preparation), coated in bread crumbs and fried. Only if it is made of veal and coated in bread crumbs is it called Wiener Schnitzel; a pork version is called Schnitzel Wiener Art (Viennese type schnitzel). These are served with a slice of lemon and without a sauce. Both often are referred to as simply Schnitzel. Poland Bigos: It is a soupy stew made from meat and cabbage, red wine, along with other vegetables often mushrooms, onions, and seasoned with bay and garlic. Bigos is usually eaten with mashed potatoes or rye bread. Babka: is a sweet yeast cake. Eastern and Central European babka is a spongy, brioche-like yeast c...

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The second movement introduces two themes; the first almost vocal and contemplative, the second passionate. The music seems to tell the story of the young Lemba: it is full of feeling and a search for happiness. Meditation and grief are juxtaposed, yet depression is not expressed. The third movement is a Scherzo, joyous, even mischievous, like a stylisation from a Viennese ‘classic’: the individuality of Lemba is less perceivable here. The music proceeds in pleasurable mood and cheerful play: Example 16. The fourth movement: Finale in sonata form. The sad and restless themes are almost similar. The process is quite short without enriching features in the recapitulation. 1 The first performance took place in St. Petersburg, January 1909 conducted by Alexander Glazunov. The texture of the...

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Astonishingly, their nimble fingers hardly ever stuffed letters into the wrong packet, despite the speed with which they worked. In one of the few recorded blunders, an intercepted letter to the Duke of Modena was erroneously re-sealed with the closely similar signet of Parma. When the duke noticed the substitution, he sent it to Parma with the wry note, "Not just me—you too." Both states protested, but the Viennese greeted them with a blank stare, a shrug, and a bland profession of ignorance. Despite this, the j existence of the black chamber was well known to the various delegates to the Austrian court, and was even tacitly acknowledged by the Austrians. When the British 'ambassador complained humorously that he was getting copies instead of his original correspondence, the chancellor replied coolly, "How clumsy these people are!" Enciphered corres...

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10 Most Amazing Buildings of the World

It is spread to an area of 4,000 square meters. Designed by Architect: Szotynscy Zaleski 2. Forest Spiral - Hundertwasser Building Architect: Heinz M. Springmann This is a residential building complex located in Darmstadt, Germany. The building has a unique façade which doesn’t follow a regular grid pattern and the windows appear as if they are dancing out of line and appear out of order. It was designed by Viennese artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser and finally planned and implemented by architect Heinz M. Springmann. It contains 105 apartments, an inner courtyard, a small artificial lake and also a playground for children. The building has 12 floors. 3. The Torre Galatea Figueras (Spain) The first things you notice are the giant egg sculptures along the roofline. Then it hits you that the Salvador Dali Theater Museum in Figueras, Spain, is no...

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