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"sinned" - 2 õppematerjali


"Anna Karenina" kokkuvõte

She tells him she is going to the opera. He is infuriated. She goes to the opera, and he goes as well, but he doesn't sit with her. He doesn't understand why she has to be so beautiful--after all, that's why he is in this position in the first place. As expected, the opera scenario causes a scandal. Other opera-goers refuse to sit in the same box as Anna, for she has sinned . Once the two arrive home they fight, then finally make peace. "'Anna,' he said. 'You, you are to blame for everything!' she cried, with tears of despair and anger in her voice, getting up. 'I begged, I implored you not to go; I knew it would be unpleasant...' 'Unpleasant!' she cried. 'Hideous! As long as I live I shall never forget it. She said it was a disgrace to sit beside me.' They leave for the country to relax. Anna begins to notice how V...

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American Literature

He is so afraid of the whole town, he lets his biggest enemy move in with him. After this Chillingworth and Dimmesdale are not the same. Chillingworth turns inhuman torturing Dimmesdale nonstop. Dimmesdale turns into a wreck with heart problems among many others. He eventually succumbs to the torture on the scaffold and dies. Chllingworth also sinned and didn't confess when Dimmesdale died after slow mental torture by Chillingworth. Overall not confessing worked out very well for Chillingworth. He married Hester without love and didn't confess, which didn't work out well for him. However lying about his identity gave him the opportunity to commit his next sin which he also didn't confess. Unlike Dimmesdale, Chillingworth gained more than he lost by lying. As you can see by these examp...

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