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after ingestion of a large number of viable C. It does not ferment lactose and sucrose but perfringens and include acute abdominal ferments dulcitol, mannitol, and glucose. pain, diarrhea, and nausea, with rare vomit- There are exceptions to the general charac- ing. The symptoms are milder than those teristics. For example, lactose-positive cul- caused by Salmonella. Detection of this tures have been found, and nonmotile species organism is by anaerobic cultivation of food exist, such as S. pullorum and S. gallinarum. using differential anaerobic agar, such as The organism is heat sensitive but can toler- tryptose sulfite cycloserine agar. C. perfrin- ate a variety of chemicals, such as brilliant gens forms black colonies in this agar green, sodium lauryl sulfite, selenite , and medium. Immunologic methods such as tetrathionate. These compounds have been reverse-passive agglutination assay and used for the selective isolation of this organ- ELISA test have been developed to detect the ism from food and water. To confirm the CPE in food, culture fluid, and feces. isolate as Salmonella, one must perform Recently, in the State of Hawaii, there has serologic tests using polyvalent anti-O anti- been interest in using C. perfringens as the serum (against cell surface antigens) or Microbial Hazards in Foods: Food-Borne Infections and Intoxications 489 polyvalent anti-H antiserum (against flagella and no distribution to other organs. Symptoms antigens). of salmonelosis occur 12 to 24 hours after This genus went through several revisions ingestion of food containing 1 to 10 mi...

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