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1915, he had a son with Ida Dalser. His growing defiance of Royal authority and anti- clericalism got him in trouble with the authorities until he was finally deported. He was prompted to return to Italy once again when his mother became ill. He became a journalist for the socialist newspaper, Avanti! (Forward!).After initially writing on numerous occasions against the war in the socialist paper Avanti, Mussolini relented and he and his class were called up in August of 1915 for active duty. Although his military record was unremarkable, it was without blemish and it has been suggested that he may have been prevented from moving further along in the ranks due to his ongoing political agitation in various periodicals. Mussolini was first married to Ida Dalser in Trento in 1914.. The couple had a son, Benito Albino, one year later. In December 1915, Mussolini...

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The 4-Hour Body - An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman - Timothy Ferriss

After a minute or two of silence and staring at meat and tongs, the homeless man made this opening: "You know how I lost all my weight? More than 100 pounds?" My dad was 56 and almost 250 pounds at the time. Silence followed for several seconds, and my father--amused by the approach and more than a bit curious--finally relented : "How?" "Garlic. Clove after clove. It's that simple." The homeless man didn't want anything and never asked for anything. He was earnest. After sharing his advice, he just walked away. As unusual as this encounter was, I had, in fact, been looking at garlic for some time. This was just the nal anecdotal push I needed to begin experimenting at much, much higher doses. The homeless man's contribution to my latest cocktail made it...

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Bellerophon did. The Lycian king then tried one ruse after another to carry out the surreptitious instructions, but Bellerophon successively battled the Solymi, defeated the Amazons, and slew the best warriors of Lycia, who had ambushed him. In the end the Lycian king relented , realizing that the youth stood under the divine protection of the gods, and gave him his daughter and half his kingdom. This is the only mention of writing in the Iliad. Homer's language is not precise enough to tell exactly what the markings on the tablets were. They were probably nothing more than ordinary letters—actually substitution of symbols for letters seems too sophisticated for the era of the Trojan War. But the mystery th...

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Within hours of the junta's announcement, thousands were in the streets erecting barricades, confronting armed troops, sur- rounding tanks, and defying curfews. The uprising was so swift, so massive, so uni- tary in its opposition to any retreat from the gains of glasnost that after only three riotous days, the astonished officials relented , surrendering their power and plead- ing for mercy from Chairman Gorbachev. Had they been students of history-or of psychology-the failed plotters would not have been so surprised by the tidal wave of popular resistance that swallowed their coup. From the vantage point of ei- ther diSCipline, they could have learned an invariant lesson: Freedoms once granted will not be relinquished without a fight. The lesson applies to the...

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