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"relativistic" - 3 õppematerjali


"Ender's game"

Mazer Rackham A fleet commander during the second invasion. He won surprisingly to everyone and is considered to be a hero and his name is known by everyone in the world. He should be dead, but he was but onto a spaceship that reached relativistic speed and so he had passed many decades without ageing so much himself. That was necessary because he was the one who had to teach the next great commander , who will lead the third invasion. So he became Ender's enemy. Enemy because Rackham said that there is no better teacher than the enemy. For a long time he was Ender's only companion. Plot-Summary Every chapter, except the last one, starts with two people talking privately. They talk...

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Christopher Vogler The Writers Journey

T h e real ending, if these events are rearranged in linear sequence, is the moment when Butch and his girlfriend ride off on the motorcycle. T h e theme of Pulp Fiction seems to be the testing of men by ordeals. Different characters react differendy to their respective confrontations with Death. Despite the relativistic tone of the film, the storytellers do seem to have a moral point o f view. T h e y sit in God's chair, dealing out the punishment of death for Vincent, who of­ fends against the moral code of the movie, and rewarding Jules and Butch with life 281 T H E W R I T E R ' S JOURNEY ~ T H I R D EDITION Christopher Vogler fo...

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Arengu uuringud, käsitlused, mõõdikud

Kuhn ja relativism – Relativistlik teadus? Palju tõdesid – hinnang Eesti haridusele? – Thomas Kuhn's philosophy of science, as expressed in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions is often seen as relativistic (and enthusiastically proclaimed as such within the humanities). He claimed that as well as progressing steadily and incrementally ("normal science"), science undergoes periodic revolutions or "paradigm shifts", leaving scientists working in different paradigms with difficulty in even communicating. – Relativistlikud argumendid arenguhindamises • Kultuuriargument. Kultuur kui kollektiivne kohanemisskeem...

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