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02.09 INGLISE KEEL Palju aega läheb. 10 nädalat aint. One of the ESP courses. What we are going to do, what is needed: · What we do - 1 test, on words. · 2 Essays, that means that we have to look into academic writing · Homereading ­ we read a case from European Court of Justice thingy. · Oral thing. · 90% you have to attend · Have to prepare for class and take part of it etc What we learn: Terms Expressions / collocations (nt obey/abide by the law) Explaining AWOL ­ absence without a leave Legal English can be divided into 3 levels. We learn the first one, which is needed for the other two! You have to know the vocabulary etc. Second level has to do with legal contracts... The third level both 1 and 2 and explaining... We learn the vocabulary + explaining. Process of law-making draft law/bill (seaduseelnõu) is developed draft is sent to the parl...

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Modern issues

Of course we can't solve all the problems. It is impossible, but at least we should give our best to try to solve these important modern issues. One of the biggest issues is access to clean water. 1st and 2nd world countries may not or don't have that problem at all, but access to a clean water is a serious issue for 3rd world countries. 3rd world countries might have an access to water, but not to clean water. It is important to have a clean water, because there are a lot of dangerous diseases in dirty water. It's a problem, which needs to be solved as quickly as possible. Another problem is an access to good food. About 21,000 people die every day of hunger, or hunger-related causes. This is one person every four seconds. Most of them are children. We already grow enough food for 10 billion people, so the...

Inglise õiguskeel 1
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