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"hovers" - 3 õppematerjali


Foursyte Saga - The Man of Property

And yet the figures of Insurance Societies and the utterances of Judges reassure us daily that our earthly paradise is still a rich preserve, where the wild raiders, Beauty and Passion, come stealing in, filching security from beneath our noses. As surely as a dog will bark at a brass band, so will the essential Soames in human nature ever rise up uneasily against the dissolution which hovers round the folds of ownership. "Let the dead Past bury its dead" would be a better saying if the Past ever died. The persistence of the Past is one of those tragi-comic blessings which each new age denies, coming cocksure on to the stage to mouth its claim to a perfect novelty. But no Age is so new as that! Human Nature, under its changing pretensions and clothes, is and ever will be very much of a Forsyte, and might, after all, be a much...

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Adobe Illustrator CS5 Classroom in a Book(BBS)

Choose Edit > Preferences > Selection & Anchor Display (Windows) or Illustrator > Preferences > Selection & Anchor Display (Mac OS). You can change the size of anchor points (called anchors in the dialog box) or the display of the direction lines (called handles in the dialog box). You can also turn off the highlighting of anchor points as the pointer hovers over them. As you move the pointer over anchor points, they are highlighted. Highlighting anchor points makes it easier to determine which point you are about to select. You will learn more about anchor points and anchor point handles in Lesson 5, "Drawing with the Pen and Pencil Tools." Creating selections with a marquee Some selections may be easier to make by creating a marquee around the objects that you want to sel...

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Christopher Vogler The Writers Journey

T h e y have passed the main test of being a hero. Spielberg's E . T dies before our eyes but is reborn through alien magic and a boy's love. S i r Lancelot, remorseful over having k i l l e d a gallant knight, prays h i m back to life. C l i n t Eastwood's character in Unforgiven is beaten senseless by a sadistic sheriff and hovers at the edge of death, thinking he's seeing angels. Sherlock H o l m e s , apparently k i l l e d with Professor M o r i a r i t y in the plunge over Reichenbach Falls, defies death and returns transformed and ready for more ad­ ventures. Patrick Swayze's character, murdered in Ghost, learns how to cross back through the veil to protect his wife and finally express his true love for her. CHANGE Heroes don't just visit death and come...

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