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People who does not have their own life

So have I and I have lots of stuff that annoy me, maybe too much. In this essay it would be impossible to describe all of them, so I will try to explain the most irritating thing. I really can't stand people who stuff their noses into other people's things. For example when two people are talking private...

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TV tõlkimisharjutused Unit 6-10: 7. klassile (ILE 5)

1 Millal sa viimati sõid kaasavõetud einet? When did you last have a packed lunch? 2 Tavaliselt sööme me õhtul sooja toitu. We usually have a cooced meal in the evenings. 3 Sam ostis valmistoidu ja soojendas selle praeahjus üles. Sam bought a ready meal and heated it up in the oven 4 Kas me võiksime süüa hiina restoranist kaasatoodud toitu? Could we have Chinese...

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The present continuous

Something which is happening at the moment of speaking. I'm reading the Grammar referance page. 2. Something which is happening around now but not necessarily at the moment of speaking. I'm reading a lot of detective novels these days. 3. A changing situation. Computers are getting faster and faster. 4. Something which happens often and annoys us. My boss is always asking me to stay late. The present simple We use the present simple to talk about: 1. A routine or a habit. Jim always sets the alarm for 7.30. 2. Facts which stay the same for a long time. I have a friend who lives in London. She works in a museum. 3. Something which is always true. Ice melts when you heat it. Verbs not normally used in the continuous form 1. Some...

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needn't have met 5 him 4 would have phoned you 6 nothing 5 mustn't walk 7 could 6 refused to go to bed 8 this 7 asked Sally why she hadn't phoned 9 What 8 did you manage to 10 might could may 9 What annoys me 11 at 10 don't feel like going out 12 This 2 1 at 6 to 2 1 B 3 C 5 B 7 C 9 A 2 for 7 up 2 A 4 A 6 C 8 A 10 B 3 with 8 of 4 of 9 over Review 1 page 97 5 in...

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