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Otsingule "akward" leiti 2 faili


Moulin Rouge ingliskeelne kokkuvõte

He used Satine to do that. After Christian had read poetry to Satine the real Duke arrives. Satine understood what had happened and tries to hide Christian. Satine wanted Christian to leave without the Duke noticing but the man refused. Satine now had to get rid of the Duke. She told Duke that they should wait and pushes him out. After that Satine collapses. Christian went to help and the Duke returns. He finds the lovers in a very akward position. The Duke was very mad and Satine made up a lie that her and Christian were only rehersing for the ,,Spectacular Spectacular" . The Duke believed her and was agreed to finance the play on the contition that he is the only one to see Satine. As everybody prepares for the show Christian's and Satine's relationship becomes deeper. They constantly make up excuses as to why Satine cannot spend time with the Duke. The Duke starts to co...

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Essee "Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining"

I have to say that I strongly believe in the meaning of this proverb and I try to recall it in my mind every time I'm in a complicated situation. Although I, like every other person in this world, have my ups and downs, I mostly like to think of myself as a positive person. I always seem to surprise people with my "can-do" attitude and smiley face, especially in severe or akward situations. I tend to believe that there's always something good in bad and that things will always turn out well, no matter how hopeless circumstances might be. Some of my friends, as well as couple of my family members are strong pessimists. While spending time with them I feel how their negative and passive attitude is slowly starting to affect me too. I wish it would be the other way round - I'd affect them with my positivity. But I guess unfortu...

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