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He seemed to have recovered his good humor. "Do you have a multiple personality disorder?" I asked severely. "You're doing it again." I sighed. "Fine then. What do you want to ask?" "I was wondering if, a week from Saturday -- you know, the day of the spring dance --" "Are you trying to be funny?" I interrupted him, wheeling toward him. My face got drenched as I looked up at his expression. His eyes were wickedly amused. "Will you please allow me to finish?" I bit my lip and clasped my hands together, interlocking my fingers, so I couldn't do anything rash. "I heard you say you were going to Seattle that day, and I was wondering if you wanted a ride." That was unexpected. "What?" I wasn't sure what he was getting at. "Do you want a ride to Seattle?" "With who?" I asked, mystified. "Myself, obviously." He enunciated every syllable, as if he were ta...

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English Myths and Legends

English Myths and Legends The World Around is not just round, The Myths have shadown' forth. And Yet, we'll go, And me and thou No, nothing shows the way in rows. Catherine J. A Mermaid and a Magic Comb · Curry, Cornwall, England · 1700-1800 · Lost items by the beach · One old mad found a magical comb · Love, yet unhappiness · Decision to spli...

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Dey Bared to You RuLit Net

"Yes, and I expect you to take frequent and excessive advantage of it." Well, then..."But you've seen me naked," I teased, my voice husky. "You know what you're getting. I don't. I love what I've seen of your body so far, but that hasn't been a whole lot." "We can rectify that now." The thought of him stripping for me made me squirm in my seat. He noticed and his mouth curved wickedly . "You'd better not," I said regretfully. "I was late getting back on Friday." "Tonight, then." I swallowed hard. "Absolutely." "I'll be sure to clear my schedule by five." He resumed eating, completely at ease with the fact that we'd both just penciled "mind-blowing sex" into our mental day calendars. "You don't have to." I opened the mini ketchup bottle by my plate. "I need to hit the gym after work."...

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Why Estonians work abroad?

Of course Estonians go work to Finland , because they want to get better life. Peoples , who work abroad will get better job and get higher price for it. But it means that , when most peoples go out of Estonia , in 10 years maybe Estonian companies will broke up. Many peoples go work abroad , because in Estonia they dont get not enough wage.Estonians can cause difficulties when working abroad, finding the place, and they can be wickedly exploit. The Estonians, who go abroad to work, should remain in their homeland still live. People think about your life and want a better life for yourself, that's why they're going somewhere else in the country and are looking to get a job there. It brings an increase in emigration to Estonia, and it does not bring good to the country. The larger countries where the Estonians are going to work, it is, for example, in Australia, Finland,...

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