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"whomever" - 2 õppematerjali


Analüüs Swifti kirjandusest inglise keeles

One of the first traditions that appear in the chapter is ropedancing. Ropedancers are Lilliputians who are seeking employment in the government, for the performance, as a competitive examination, the candidates dance on ropes, or "a slender white thread, extended about two foot, twelve inches from he ground" (73); whomever jumps the highest earns a position in office. The people who currently hold office continue this tradition as well, in order to show that they have not lost their skill. There does not seem to be any desire for modification of this tradition; on the contrary, Gulliver seems to be entertained by the tradition. Swift further illustrates satire of the country vs. court distinction by comparing English government to Lilliput. In the early ei...

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How? Through the principle of association. The mere connection of birthplace hooked him, wrapped him, tied him to the approaching triumph or failure. As distinguished author Isaac Asimov (1975) put it in describing our reactions to the contests we view, "All things being equal, you root for your own sex, your own culture, your own locality ... and what you want to prove is that you are better than the other person. Whomever you root for represents you; and when he [or she] wins,you win." When viewed in this light, the passion of a sports fan begins to make sense. The game is no light diversion to be enjoyed for its inherent form and artistry. The self is at stake. That is why hometown crowds are so adoring and, more tellingly, so grateful toward those regularly responsible for home-team victories. That is also why the same crowds are often ferocious in their t...

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