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Having a job while styding

Positive is that you can earn Money and you do not have to depend on your parents. Secondly you colud meet whit new peole anf make friends. Thirdly and most important job makes a persoon to be more responseble. Also having a job when boys or girls are young. Then growing up i tiss easy for make a choice, where someone would like to work. And the last i think that when teenager have job whilw they are studying is really goodi n case it do not affect youe Grandes. But there are some negative aspects also. Some students try to work as much they can to earn a lot of Money. That mean they are tired and would not whant to study anymore. Young people also choose to leave school early and prefer to stay in work. In conclusion i think that having a job while styding is positive but students have to think about education more because that is...

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