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"werthers" - 3 õppematerjali


Thesis Statement The Sorrows on Young Werther

Although Werther has some brighter moments he cannot find peace and happiness in his mind and body, he is always wondering wat if... The selfishness can be seen in two turning-points of the book, when Werther leaves Wahlheim (place where Lotte lives) and when he commits suicide. From his point of view these are the only solutions but he is not thinking about Lotte who really appreciates him as a dear friend. Werthers low self-esteem and unhappiness are connected to his decisions throughout the book, for example when he leaves Lotte and turns back to Weimar. He could have fought some more and not give up so easily. Although Lotte denies it Werther was much loved by her, he just did not try hard enough. If he had higher self-esteem and goals then I believe he would have achieved his purpose to win the heart of Lotte. Werther thinks that the only way to...

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~~--- ..----~--.~---~~-~ Chapter 4 SOCIAL PROOF who thinks he has found the answer. His name is David Phillips, and he points a convincing finger at something called the "Werther effect." The story of the Werther effect is both chilling and intriguing. More than two centuries ago, the great man of German literature, Johann von Goethe, published a novel entitled Die Leiden des jungen Werthers (The Sorrows of Young Werther). The book, in which the hero, named Werther, commits suicide, had a remarkable im- pact. Not only did it provide Goethe with immediate fame, but it also sparked a wave of emulative suicides across Europe. So powerful was this effect that author- ities in several countries banned the novel. Phillips' own work has traced the Werther effect to modern times (Phillips, 1974). His research has demonstrated that, imm...

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Literaturepo Zeitspa Wichtige Autoren chen nne 600- Mittelalter Hildegard von Bingen, Martin Luther, Walther von der Vogelweide 1600 1600- Paul Fleming, Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen, Andreas Barock 1720 Gryphius, Christian Hoffmann von Hoffmannswaldau, Martin O...

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