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"werent" - 2 õppematerjali


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The machine maded noise, but people didnt mind that. The film was staged. It wasn't documentary, like they said. The idea of fake, manipulation. People were manipuating. Cinema is a manipulation. Even documentary is manipulation. First comedy: auguste ad louis lumiere ,,l'arouseur arrose" the waterer who is being watered Purpose was pure entertainment. Gradually those projectors were becomeing populars. Were many fun fairs. Werent no distripution. Pathe-inventor of film industry. Whole principle was affected by hollywood. Rent out cameras and projectors, you make money from rents. The infrastructure with making money. Studium. Black maria-first film studio. It was turnable to catch light. George melies(1861-1938) Brought the film from the street to studio. Magic. He was hacing a background in the theater and was a musician and thought that it is a good idea do produce fic...

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The Giver

They want sameness. 8. Because when community have some problem then the giver can help them by using the memories. For example the giver helped when community wanted to put more children in one family, then the giver told that it is bad idea because then come famine. 9. Because he loved Gabe and he shared his memoris with Gabe. Jonas cared for Gabe. 10. Because they didnt ask for his wisdom often and they werent able for change. 11. He wants to let Jonas know that there was pain on the world, and the world isnt perfect at all. 12. The basic difference here is that Jonas's first experience with snow was pleasant, but second experience isnt. Jonas enjoyed the first experience. He was sledding and was exhilarating and fun. In the second experience he was sledding but he lost control and hurted himself badly. The second time, the snow wa...

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