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The Canterbury tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

People thought that only the warriors were smart and worthy to be paid attention to. One of the pilgrims was a pardoner. He was described as a dishonest and voracious man. He had blonde hair and he did everything to get money. He carried false relics and with these he made a lot of money. But he called himself a pardoner and I think that he thought what he did was right. (But hood, for jolitee, wered he noon,For it was trussed up in his walet.Hym thoughte he rood al of the newe jet.) He did not wear his hat, which had the symbol of Christ on it, he had it hidden in his wallet because he wanted to be modern. That way Chaucer made fun of the pardoners and the Church, because in my opinion he thought that they were corrupted and dishonest and only up for their own good. In the general prologue, where Chaucer described almost all of the charac...

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