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Animal rights

THE CONSEQUENCES OF ANIMAL RIGHTS  Morally wrong to do to animals  Must not do those things no matter what  Not allowed, even if done in humane way  Not to be bred and killed, then they should not be for food ACCEPTING THE DOCTORINE OF ANIMAL RIGHTS  No experiments on animals  No breeding and killing animals for food, clothes or medicine  No use of animals for hard labour  No hunting  No zoos or use of animals in entertainment PETA  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals  Animal rights organisation  Largest group (5 million supporters)  "Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way." ESPA  Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals  Started in 2010  Improve animals’ life in need of assistance  Protect animals who are being mistreated ANIMAL WELFARE  Well-being of animals  Standars vary between different contexts  Revised by animal welfare groups  Animals should not be regarded as property THE FIVE FREEDOMS  From thirst and hunger  From discomfort  From pain, injury and disease  To express most normal behaviour  From fear and distress PERSONAL OPINION  Emotional  Should not be mistreated  Not go vegan  Treated in a proper way VIDEO USED RESOURCES  https:en.wikipedia.orgwikiAnimal_rights 

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