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"relents" - 2 õppematerjali


Christopher Vogler The Writers Journey

A year goes by and the girl, now a queen, has a beautiful child. One day the little man comes and claims the child as his reward for saving her life. Horrified, the young queen offers h i m all the riches of the realm, but the little man refuses, saying "Something alive is dearer to me than all the treasures in the world." T h e girl laments and cries so much that the manikin relents a little for, as we have seen, he is very sensitive to human emotions. H e strikes a new bargain with her. If she can guess his name within three days, she will get to keep the child. But she will never guess it, he says confidently, for he has a very unusual name. T h e queen stays up all night thinking of every name she's ever heard and sends out messengers far and wide to assemble lists of unusual names. W h e n the maniki...

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Othello opens in the stately city of Venice

Scene 3 Cassio and Iago are given orders to keep the peace among the soldiers and that they should drink in moderation. Othello and Desdemona finally retire for their first night together as a married couple and Iago puts his plans into motion. At first trying to pry him with talk of Desdemona being a temptress, Iago turns to convincing Cassio to drink. At first unwilling, Cassio finally relents and allows himself to drink with Iago and enjoy the festivities. While Cassio becomes increasingly intoxicated, Iago begins to tell Montano of his worries about Casio’s leadership in regards to his drinking problem. Almost immediately, Iago turns to Roderigo and pushes him into a fight with Cassio. When enough other men have stepped into the fight, Iago sends Roderigo to ring the alarm bell, summoning Othello and the soldiers not on night...

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