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"relegating" - 2 õppematerjali


Reproduction - sotsioloogia

UNIT 4 What is Reproduction? · Viewing reproduction through a Sociological lens poses complex probLems: 1. Nature vs Culture 2. Agency vs Structure 3. Private vs Public How does Reproduction become political? · Structures constrain, Agency resists · Danger of romanticising opposition for `oppositional positions' cannot develop independent of dominant social positions. Racialised Mothers' from Sl...

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Old Mr. Dashwood

Just before his death, he makes his son John promise to care for his stepmother and three half-sisters. Mr. John Dashwood initially intends to keep his promise and treat his female relatives generously, but his wife Fanny, a narrow-minded and selfish woman, convinces him to leave them only five hundred pounds apiece. Fanny moves into Norland immediately following Mr. Henry Dashwood's death and becomes mistress of the estate, relegating John's stepmother Mrs. Dashwood and half-sisters Elinor, Marianne, and Margaret to the status of mere visitors. Fanny's brother, Edward Ferrars, visits Norland for several weeks and develops a strong attachment to Elinor Dashwood. Edward is the eldest son of a man who died very rich; now his entire fate depends upon his mother's will. Although he is shy and not particularly handsome, he has an open, affectionate heart. His mother and s...

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